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11-30-2014, 11:02 PM
:excl:Warning: the content below is 100% legit.:excl:

1. The triforce is evil. Its a golden triangle, just like bill in gravity falls, which resembles the Illuminati.
2. The triforce had the evilest piece removed, the piece of evil. (Duh)
3. The evil piece could walk around with no help at all, while burning down buildings.
4. I managed to gapture that piece... And I gave it to vaati for him to destroy... But he failed, and the triforce piece possessed him...
5. I then found the weakened triforce pieces (the ones we know today). Over time, they were stolen, sometimes I stole them back.
6. Zelda, knowing I have part of the triforce, creates a fake ganondorf to kidnap her. Link, angry, proceeds to attack it, or chase after it, whatever.
7. Zelda tells Link that I seek the triforce for evil. Link then proceeds to take it for her, just for hen...s.
8. The reason I created the dark world was for a prison - both for the triforce and the greedy who wanted to obtain it.
9. The reason I despise Link is because his "hero's spirit" prevents me from completely destroying the triforce.
10. The triforce placed a curse on me, to always fight reincarnations of Link, due to Zelda's wish, when she had the triforce once.

Long story short: Zelda and the Triforce are the true antagonists of The Legend of Zelda. Link is just some guy who doesn't know what's going on.

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11-30-2014, 11:05 PM
....your WAAAAY off

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....your WAAAAY off


Zelda has been lying to you, m8...