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12-03-2014, 10:22 PM
First, if you just came here to post some trolly comment or 'u wot m8' then don't even bother.

Lately the forums have been getting a bit......explosive.
With all the drama,
The spamming,
The people who are tired of it,
and the mods having to close threads let and right.

So I want to make their job easier,while making the forums a better place.
So here are the rules if you pledge to do this

The Rules

1. (obviously) No causing Drama

2. No spamming, Examples: uwotm8,fiteme,yes,no,whyudodis....You get the point. Try to make your posts meaningful.
E.g Question: Are windows farmable?
Answer [Wrong]: Yes
Answer [Right]: Yes, However they are risky to farm, like signs.

3. Dont post the answer to a thread again if it has already been answered, UNLESS you would like to add something to that answer or the answer they gave was wrong.
E.g Thread Name : Help mods i got banned
Answers [Wrong]: Person 1 :Email support as we the forumers can not help you. Person 2 : We cant help you here on the forums , email support. Person 3: Try asking support, we have no power over your ban
Answers [Right] Person 1: Try emailing support? Person 2: 'Quote from Person 1' Yes as he said, Email support as we can not help you on the forums

4. Be kind to others in general. E.g Question: How do i trade items?
Answer [Wrong]: lol noob thats so easy
Answer [Right]: You need to tap your fist once in your inventory,then wrench the person who you want to trade with and click trade. Hope this helped.:D

That;s all for now, might add more later.

If you want to take part, just type in 'I pledge to make the forums a better place!'
I will be watching to see if any of you get disqualified, maybe even on secret accounts :ninja:!

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