View Full Version : WELL I EFFED UP.

12-06-2014, 04:54 AM
so i decided to head back to new bark town in Pokemon Crystal to check up on my mom, professor elm, and see what doll my mom got me. it was a cute little charmander :3
either way, i decided to check out kanto. now keep in mind i haven't even gotten flash from the sage in sprout tower, so i can't go through whirl islands without getting helplessly lost. i went to kanto and i used a super repel, well apparently it's INEFFECTIVE on tentacool and tentacruel. my poor cleffa fainted. so i'm running from battles even though my typhlosion is level 46. i decided to get my sticky hands on hm02 so i can fly to the next city and fly through kanto as well. i'll start with gary's gym in viridian. then it's off to the pokemon league. i only put 8 hours into the game lol. 5 badges. my current pokemon and their nicknames: (- means it's in my party and > means its in the pc)
-typhlosion "satoshi"
-cleffa "star"
-hoothoot "bob"
-exeggcute "box o eggs"
>togepi "togii-togi"
>sudowoodo "brocks bff"
-chinchou "surfer"
-scyther "mandi"

lance gave me the tm whirlpool so surfer can get to the whirl islands. here's the issue. i don't have flash and i found out that i was supposed to get flash way back in violet city but i didn't find this out until i was helplessly lost. i had to make my pokemon all faint (which, by the way, was a pain in my butt. never step foot in there without one of your pokemon knowing flash.) just to get out. so i can't beat the olivine gym until i get to cianwood city.
i'll teach flash to star because i don't want to delete any more of satoshi's moves. luckily for me, it wasn't too hard to get back to violet city because i cleared the "tree" (sudowoodo) blocking the path from route 35 to route 36. so yeah. lol. i need to get star more experience because she's only level 6. i'll train her until she's level 10 on routes 29 and 30, then after that i'll get her to levels 20 and 30. i'll make sure she turns into a clefairy. oh i almost forgot! i got a rare candy when i was in kanto! do you guys think that i should get more pokemon? i'm asking people who have played the gen 2 games. i finally fixed crystal so i can play it properly. please tell me if my team sounds good for the moment. thanks guys. oh and by the way, surfer is already level 20. i caught it when it was level 20 (i forgot surfer's gender :I)