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12-19-2006, 07:11 PM
Here's some bugs I encountered while going through the tutorials on my mac laptop:

1) zoom:
to get + and - you have to use
shift-dash (which works)
shift-equals (which does not work)

also: it seems backwards -- minus zooms in and plus zooms out? that seems opposite of like photoshop.

2) copy/paste:
I have to use ctrl-c and ctrl-p to copy and paste. That is not mac-like which uses command-c and command-p

3) there is no middle mouse or scrollwheel on mac laptops - need a way to reset the zoom via keyboard or menu ( I know resetting camera to 0.0 does it but its awkward)

4) The ok/cancel buttons on the property dialogs look kinda thrown in there. I have a UI friend who has done some work in this area - here's a great reference link: http://www.lukew.com/resources/articles/web_forms.html

5) The Base Color input area should have a color picker next to it so you could pick the color and have it update the field with the right colors.

6) Same for Scale x/y - put sliders as alternative input methods because typing in the numbers is pretty awkward.

7) The layer controls are odd - you have both selecting a layer and toggling its view happening when you click on it which often causes you to have to click many times on the layer
Why not have one list of all the layers - and to the right of each layer have a column of checkboxes - one for "display" and one for "active for edit"
This way if I click on the layer I can do things like get layer properties, etc.
And if I want to explicitly hide the layer I can move the mouse to the right and toggle the display checkbox

Kinda like this:

Layer: | Display | Active
Background 1 | X | X
Background 2 | X | X

8)Need to be able to move camera with something other than middle mouse drag.

9) Would be great to have a "clone map" under Utilities which is basically the same as creating a new map - copying everything from old map - pasting it into new map. This is nice when you want to try something out w/o having to mess up your existing map.

10) Under Tool Window why cant you bring up edit pallettes? Or should there be a Pallette window which can show all the possible pallettes that can be brought up (grey out ones that arent relevant to given selection)

11) Having a thumbnail of the currently selected image inside the Tile Edit Palette would be great because otherwise you have to kinda guess based on the rectangle you have - which is awkward when most of your tiles are the same dimensions.

12) It would be great to be able to change the position of the "sun" in the cast shadow checkbox -- long shadows, short, to the right, etc.


I have more but I hope this is helpful in some way - I want to help you in any way I can to make this tool awesome.

I was playing with the engine - just doing the tutorial and the potential for this tool is immense. I'm already planning on building my casual RPG in the engine even with the quirks right now...

12-19-2006, 11:44 PM
Thanks a lot for these, I only have a minimac with a mighty-mouse so it's really useful to hear what is broken on other mac styles.

2 - You mean Ctrl-V, not P, correct? Hmm, I meant to allow Ctrl and Command to work for those, will double check that.

8 - Any suggestions on keys for moving the camera? Ctrl-Arrow keys maybe, or numpad.

12-20-2006, 12:13 AM
yeah command -v (I was mentally thinking "paste" and "p")

There's no number pad on mac laptop - but dont keep that from considering using that. (since you can hold down function key)