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12-09-2014, 06:29 AM
Well I happened to see a thread by a spam bot talking about watching Interstellar (thanks mods for deleting thread, or unless it was automatic, then no thanks.)

I wrote this long piece of writing and I didn't want this greasy work to go to waste. Here it is:
I am feeling this might be a spam account. But great I'll watch it! If it works! When life gives you lemons, go to your school wood shop and build a small structural stand and make a lemonade Stand and advertise and sell it then boom money and I have no idea *** I'm talking about maybe I read something about this online or maybe this is something my brother did. Well it is a good plan, if you think about it, lemons are cheap because they are sour and gross so people don't buy them much but they make lemonade sooooo expensiver (not a word) so like a dollar turn to like dollar fitty and you got one dollar more with a single lemon so like.... You have 2 lemons.... From one.... Omg I just learned how to hack real life and duplicate lemons. Everyone meet me on Wilson Avenue at 5:00PM we will discuss this more we could be so rich and be lemon gods. What would you call a lemon God? Maybe a... Siourealoup. I mixed like seven words together using an app.... The words were Lemon, Sour, God, and other weird things,....... Doesn't even make sense.,... Whoever does this with me we can be billionaires first, we buy Walmart, then we buy the Heinz ketchup company, then we buy Growtopia (pricing at 1.6 mil) and then we have so much fun at th eater park. Just wanna say if you read all this.... I love you. This councludes my statement... WOAH. Dats way longer than I thought it would be. I'm gonna be rich. Remember me. My name is WindyLink560, and I am a lemon God. One day, I will find my favorite formers and take them somewhere over the rainbow. I will be less active, as I need to please my lemon disciples. Oh and my lemon followers.... And cultists, and rebels, and republicans, and constitutionalists or *** ever I read on my History test. Ok, this is the end for real, the. End, goodbye, have a nice night, Buenas noches. Ima be so rich.....

I'm a nerb.
I have way too much time on my hands. May God have mercy on my soul. (My lemon God soul.)

12-09-2014, 06:32 AM
I truly hate when this happens. You write a long and well thought out paragraph and when you cluck submit, it can't. This happens to me more times then people would think.