View Full Version : Five Nights at Freddy's Theories Part 1

End Gaming
12-09-2014, 07:08 AM
Guys this is FNAF theories. It might not scare you and will not surprise you and IF you have heart disease please watch this thread cuz this aint scary at all. Thanks!

Golden Freddy's secret & Phone guy's Death...

As you guys may know, Golden Freddy is a yellow bear(not Winnie the Pooh) and the look of Golden Freddy is the same as Freddy except for the skin color. Freddy is brown(no racism) and Golden Freddy is, of course gold in color(common sense) or maybe a little yellow. Golden Freddy is the lamest animatronic of all cuz it's easy to escape from getting killed by Golden Freddy by switching on your camera tablet when Golden Freddy is in your room.

How do we know that Golden Freddy is in our room without turning off the camera tablet?

Its easy! If you check camera 2B, once you see the Let's Party poster with Freddy inside turns Golden Freddy, it means Golden Freddy is in your room! Also, Golden Freddy is the Phone Guy(phone guy recorded everything into the phone then at one night, he got killed by Chica)and they saw a Freddy suit in the kitchen but just that its Gold in color and they brought the Golden Freddy suit into the room and stuffed the Phone Guy into it. That's why Golden Freddy has no eyes cuz you can see that when you die, the animatronics stuff you into Freddy's suit. There you can see your eyeballs at Freddy's eyes but there's one thing, your eyeballs don't fit Freddy's suit. In that case, the eyeballs of the Phone Guy must've dropped somewhere and the Phone Guy's spirit controls Golden Freddy and will teleport from the kitchen to your room(cuz he's now a ghost) and kill you if you don't check the camera. So this closes the first two best theories in FNAF.