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12-14-2014, 04:46 AM
ATOMIC RUST.au - Essentials, TS3, Antihack, Events, NoAbuse

Welcome to Atomic Gaming | RUST.au.

The Server IP is: net.connect

The community is currently founded by ATRealMaster, Beneh, Erik_post_man, and DemonBoii. The community is now offering a PVP server filled with plugins. The server is listed in the modded category so that we can run Antihack and extra plugins such as the remover tool and so on.

To give players and administrators the ability to communicate Erik_post_man has kindly let us use his Teamspeak 3 server, everybody is welcome and by asking an Administrator you can receive a free custom channel, edited to your liking.


1 ) Absolutely no hacking/cheating!
2 ) No Alternative Accounts!
3 ) No Abuse, Racism or Harassment.
4 ) No Impersonating Players, Admins or Server Console
5 ) No Invisible names
6 ) No Admin Abuse
7 ) No Griefing
8 ) No Glitches
9 ) No Advertising

One of main concepts that Atomic RUST.au is strict on is RULES AND HACKERS. There will be no excuses if you are caught doing the wrong thing. Believe it or not, we hate hackers just as much as you do! keeping the server free from any of the following listed above is are main priority and for you to enjoy your stay at Atomic RUST.au

- Hardcore Loot
- Events
- Full moon Nights
- Giveaways
- Remove
- Set-Home (Own Foundation/Ceiling or a friends)
- Half Durability
- Door Share
- Death Handler
- Active Admins
- Starter Kit
- Bouncing bettys
- 2x Gather

Beneh has put a lot of time into this project over the past weeks and we have now decided to release the server to the public. The server has been built off of an RustEssentials base, although we have optimized it and we are happy to say that the server is running just like we want it too, lag free and full of plugins.

The server is seen to be as a PVP server, although don't let this scare you away because we have tried our best to keep a great sum of Vanilla as well; meaning that the loot tables are set as default and no economy allowing you to buy things. To put it into simple terms, you will still need to farm as you would on a Vanilla server, except you have some helpful plugins to your disposal. This also helps us monitor the server and guarantee maximum security from hackers.

- AntiSpeedHack
- AntiFlyHack
- AntiSuperJump
- AntiWalkSpeedHack
- AntiBlueprintUnlocker
- Many more!

- RustEssentials v1.8.4

As the founders of the community, our promise to you is that we will provide regular and consistent updates throughout the community, we have an astounding amount of idea's that we intend to implement into the server, so stay tuned and don't forget that we will always listen and consider your suggestions, so if you have and idea don't be afraid to familiarize us with it by posting a comment down below.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

You can contact the admins via Teamspeak: