View Full Version : How to deal with a troll

12-17-2014, 11:37 AM
How to Deal With a Troll

1.Stay calm and be polite.
If you demonstrate your anger, the troll will be satisfied and most likely will continue harassing you.

2.Don't be aggressive.
The troll will not be afraid to be aggressive too. Make sure you don't be rude with him/her. If you start being rude, the troll will dominate you, and will harass you even more.

3.Laugh at the things the troll says.
Act as if he/she were telling you jokes, and not harassing you. The troll will give up soon if you don't get offended by his/her insults.

4.If the troll gets too annoying for you to cope with, leave him/her speaking alone.
Trolls hate being ignored.

5.He/she is only someone trying to have fun.
Tell him/her that trolling will only make people hate him/her and that are many other funny things to do. It works.


Be polite.
Be courteous.
Use correct grammar as you speak, because if you use bad grammar or abbreviations, the troll will take advantage of this to harass you.


If you are going to troll him/her back, don't exaggerate because you can become a troll too.
Don't be rude to the troll.