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12-17-2014, 11:44 AM
How to Deal With Being Hated
If you are hated, there's probably a good or lousy reason why you are. Whether you deserve it or not, follow these steps to deal with it.

1.Don't make a huge deal out of it.
Avoid making it look as though it hugely affects you. This shows that you are better than being influenced by others' feelings toward you. Be gentle with yourself.

2.Figure out why you're disliked.
If it's a good reason, think about how you should change...do you need to become a better person? Some ideas to help you change might be, do small acts of kindness. Also try not to lie and always tell the truth even if it hurts.

3.If it's a stupid reason (e.g. a group of people hate you because you're smarter), then ignore it.
You don't need to react to spiteful feelings towards you.

4.Speak to a close friend about it if it gets out of control.
Having someone to speak to can make dealing with it a whole lot easier.

5.Be calm when dealing with your 'haters'.
Don't be mean, but don't be too friendly either. If they confront you about their feelings, just 'show' you don't care. There are more people in the world than them. In most cases, that 'awkward' atmosphere can be resolved by keeping physical and social distance from the person\group that hates you. Make sure to be 'positive' and 'relaxed' when doing this, so it's less emotionally demanding for you. If the hating started after a specific event, you need to give time for the dust to 'settle down'.

6.Just remember you can't change yourself, so if they hate you for being YOU that's the worst reason of all.
There's a simple yet effective perspective for this: social relationships, be them friendly or romantic, aren't supposed to be arduous. They're supposed to be naturally fun and engaging. This is the ultimate reference when deciding who is worth your time.


Always remember to stay strong. Strength in characters always defeats strength in numbers.
Be happy with yourself.We are all born with certain talents-find your talents.
Remember, it is not your problem if you are hated. (Well, it may be, depending on what kind of person you are). If people have such a problem with you, they should be mature enough to leave you alone.
If the hate is against your gender, sexual orientation, religion or race, it should be ZERO tolerance and be taken up with the school/college/work.
Do not provoke hate. Do not act stuck-up or obnoxious.
Next time someone flips you off or swears at you, give them the peace sign.
Remember that it could very likely be your fault. People are mean, so take that into account before you do anything that could provoke hate.
You can tell a lot about yourself from the number of enemies you have, and the number of friends you have. Weigh the two against each other.


Do not get in fights. This is a good way to get in trouble with the school or even the law.
Do not seek revenge. It will very likely bite you back. If you feel that vengeance is worth the personal toll, seek help.

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1. Be funny

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Cool I can use some of those tips!
I used to be hated and probably I'm still hated idk

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I have never been hated and I hope I never will be.

But right now I have a lot of friends. So I'm good.

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1. Be funny

Thats true.

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1. Be funny

Or ask the mini mods how they deal with it :prophet: