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12-26-2014, 05:42 AM
It's quite simple, you want to reply a person's video with your own. Your video basically signifies your reaction/thought/opinion to the initial person's video above you. But here are the rules.


-No major profanity. If it has like one bad word, it's ok but no videos with cussing every five seconds.
-Nothing sexually orientated
-No frightening, scary, or graphic pictures or depictions
-No bullying through videos
-Try to keep the video size between a maximum of 5 minutes or less. It's not really a major rule but nobody wants to watch 6 30-minute videos

So here is how it goes:

Imagine a person posts a video of a scammer getting anti-scammed

My post:


If you do not know how to post a video where you can see the thumbnails and can conveniently watch it through forums, this is how.

[video=youtube;ID] URL [/video ]

You post the video URL where it says URL

For the ID, you know where it says "v=" and then a bunch of random letters? Well take those random letters and put it after the semi colon then voila!

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Let's get this started


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