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This is basically Ash missing Misty as soon as he's in the Kalos region.


The 13-year-old trainer threw his body onto the grass. "Are you alright?" pondered Serena. "I'm fine," Ash mumbled into the green plants. "It's just-- I miss someone." "It better not be another girl," threatened Serena. "Or I might have to cut a female Growlithe!" Ash began to hesitate telling Serena about Misty, his first traveling partner. "...it is another girl" murmured Ash. "And what is her name, exactly? How long have you known her? TELL ME, YOU JERK!!" shouted Serena. "Her name's Misty," said Ash. "I've known her since I was 10, back when I was in Kanto still. I just realized how much I love her." "AND NOT ME?!?!?!" cried Serena. "Serena, you aren't the only girl in the world!" retorted Ash. "Besides, I've known her longer!" "WE MET WHEN WE WERE FIVE!" said Serena, reminding him of the summer camp incident of 2006. "Yeahhh," Ash responded, "But I've traveled with MISTY for a whole freaking YEAR!" Serena was a nice girl-- just a little crazy. "Call this 'Misty'," demanded Serena. "And let me talk to her so I can remind her that you're MINE!"

The duo went to the nearest Pokemon center to access the videophones. He dialed the number of the Cerulean City gym to see if Misty was there. Daisy picked up on the other end. "Like, hello?" she said, or possibly asked. "Hi Daisy, remember me?" asked Ash. "Yeaaa," she said, smirking. "I bet you wanna talk to your girrrrrlfriiiiiend" Ash blushed to the point where he was as red as a Slugma. "....I do," he said softly. "Misty," shouted Daisy. "Get your butt in here to talk to your BOYFRIEND." Misty ran into the room. "A-A-Ash!" she said out of breath, smiling. "ASH IS MINE, YOU FEMALE GROWLITHE!" shouted Serena to Misty. "I'LL CUT YOU IF YOU START DATING HIM!!!!" "Who's the crazy girl?" asked Misty. "Serena." said Ash. "Either way, Misty, I have great news!" "What?" she asked the black-haired trainer eagerly. "I'm gonna try and come back to Kanto! And you can travel with me in Kalos!" he said to her. "Ditch the crazy girl first!" she said back. "No way, Ash," said Serena, clearly ready to slap someone. "That girl is a JERK!! NEVER WILL SHE BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" "I see you're busy, Ash." said Misty. "Here's my cell phone number," she said as she held up a piece of paper holding the number. "Text me sometime!" "Ok, I'll call my mom and see what we can do about plane tickets! Talk to ya later, Misty," said Ash.

"NO WAY ARE YOU GOING BACK TO KANTO!" shouted Serena. "I am, Serena." Ash said calmly. "You and I aren't as meant for each other as Misty and I are. I'm leaving for Kanto tomorrow." Serena sank to her knees. Cold tears ran down her face. "But Ash..." she said. "I've always liked you. You know, like liked you. And I was hoping--" "I've always known." interrupted Ash. "I'm thirteen years old. I'm not stupid! But I've always had more feelings for Misty."

Ash stood in line for the airport's security check. "Place your backpack on the conveyor belt," said the lady doing the checks. Ash did as he was told. A man scanned him down for any metals. "You're good," he said. Ash grabbed his backpack and sprinted to his seat. He couldn't wait to be in Kanto and see Misty!

Ash flew over Kalos, Unova, Sinnoh, Hoenn, and Johto. "Misty and I were together in Johto..." said Ash, thinking back to old memories of when he was only ten years old. Tears flooded down his face. Suddenly, the plane stopped in Kanto. "Passengers getting off in Kanto please exit now," said the pilot. Ash's face was still covered in tears, and he ran off the plane looking like that. Misty ran to him and hugged him tighter than ever. "Ash, what's wrong?" she asked, concerned. "Nothing now," he said, and began to do a soft giggle. "I'm glad we're finally reunited, anyway." Misty said quietly to the trainer she missed ever so much. She grabbed his hand and rested her head on his shoulder. "And I hope it stays like this for a long time."


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too many words 4 me but im sure its gr8 m80

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