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Here is some stuff you have to keep in mind for these puzzles.

For any of the puzzles that use 'you' in it your name is Bob.
Spoilers below questions are the answer.
Try not to look through replies when doing these.

Question 1. The bus. (Easy)

Note:This is not accurate to real streets in any way.
You are a bus driver driving a bus through your local city. The pay is $8 an hour and your wife makes $11 an hour. Unlike you she has a better job. Still not great. Anyways, before all this starts you immediately pick up 12 people. Now all of this puzzle truly begins.

The bus goes onto Grant Street and picks up 4 people.

Then the bus goes onto Peter Rd. and 2 people are dropped of 6 get on.

The bus makes a turn onto Peterson Boulevard and 5 people are dropped off while only 3 get on.

Then the bus goes onto 3rd Street to pick up 10 people and drop off 4 people. 1 person of those 10 doesn't have the money to get on though.

The bus goes onto Elizabeth Avenue and picks up 6 people.

Now here's the question.

What is the Bus Driver's name? [Answer in spoiler]

If you paid attention you know if it would be Bob.

Question 2. Monopoly (Pretty easy)

There were two kids home alone playing monopoly until a pretty dark murder happened.

When the parents came home they found their dog DEAD.
Now the parents already know who killed the dog.

When they asked kid 1 how much money he had he said.
"Three thousand, two hundred."

When they asked kid 2 what his last roll was he said.

They know that kid 2 killed the dog.
How they did know the murderer?

you can't roll a one in monopoly.

Question 3. Shapes and sides (Medium)

There are many 'sides'.
No sides on a circle.
3 sides on a triangle.
4 sides on a rectangle and a square.
5 sides on a pentagon.
6 sides on a hexagon.
7 sides on a heptagon.
8 sides on a octagon.

Now here's the true question.
What is the other side?

The side you're not on. Duh m8.

Question 4. A drink (Medium)

There is a couple.
The wife has a plot to kill her husband.

She put posion inside two cups.
Both cups have ice cubes and some form of drink.
This was to make sure the husband got the posion.

They both drank using both cups respectively.
The wife drank the drink fast.
The husband had his drink slow.

Only the husband died of the posion, why was this?

The ice cubes contained the posion.

Question 5. Brainderp (Hard)

I will give you a math problem, do this in your head, doing it on paper makes it pretty darn easy.
1000 + 30

Take that then add 1000

Take that then add 40

Take that then add 1000 again

Take that then add 20

Now take that and add 1000

Now finally, add 10

What is the answer?


Question 6. The Loyal Robot (Medium)

There was once a loyal robot, he was created by a scientist to do his every bidding.

Once he was told to take a hike, so he did.

Another time he was told to fall in a ditch, so he did.

Now when he first activated the scientist told him to say something.

What did the robot say?


Question 7. The skyscraper (Medium)

There's a huge 130 floor skyscraper in the city of Townsville.
Now there was also a tiny little rabbit who it would take thousands to get to the top of any mountain.

This young rabbit jumped higher than the skyscraper.

Why and how did the rabbit jump higher?

Skyscrapers can't jump.

Question 8. The houses (Medium)

There is a blue man who lives in a blue house. He likes cooking, taking long walks on the beach, and sports.

There is a green man who lives in a green house. He hates sports, and likes watching television.

There is a purple man who lives in a purple house. He loves gaming, and coding on the computer.

Who lives in the white house?

The president of course!

Question 9. The truck (Hard)

There's a 37 year old truck driver named Mike. He has 4 tickets and 2 times in jail both taking place a month between each other.

Mike was going the opposite direction of traffic on a one way street. There is a completely devoted cop who sees him, but yet doesn't stop him.

Why wouldn't this cop stop Mike?

Mike was walking.

I will add more later :hat:

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Nice riddles. Some of them stumped me. :confused::confused::confused:

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1. Toukiedatak

2. I dont see the logic of how someone is lying to the murder of a pet.

Rest coming
Because he forgot his last roll while killing the dog. :crazy:

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2. wrong

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