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03-18-2007, 02:15 AM
plz ppl i really need help!!!WAAH!!!!I killed Seth in the game but i found out a secret!well i no a few secrets but this one is crazy!!u no Koak Isle?at the first bridge u see,stop.u no just before u go on the first wooden plank?go right!u will be walking on water.start looking up and right.u will soon see an island with 2 mini volcanos a passage way a chest and an attack potion!!!u can only walk on the sides of it!u cant walk in the middle.My friend plays dinksmallwood and he got a golden potion in the locked chest that raised his stats by 50!!!he got the attack potion.and went down the passage way!He says that down in the passageway its christmas and they give u 1 mill and charlie is down there and u can buy his house!u can then buy furniture!i really need to get in on that island!!!!plz!!!!sumone teach me how to get the golden potion in the chest and go down the passageway!!!!!theres got to be sumone who nos!My friend says he just went crazy but that doenst help alot!i cant get the stuff!!!!if u dont believe me then try seeing for ur self.on the first bridge theres 2 rope railings.just before u step on the first plank,go right.it should be like this | |the 2 lines represent the rope.the space is sand.stay between the 2 ropes and go right u should be walking on water!i saw the island with my own eyes!!!!

04-08-2007, 12:18 AM
can sumone atleast answer????Seth?anyone???!!doesnt anyone no about the explosion magic attack lightning magic attack ice attack boomerang and how to get them???pllzz tell me!!!!!im so stuck!!!!!:confused:

06-20-2007, 06:26 AM
Your friend is a good friend who love to be awarded :p

Charlie doesn't exist, this island is just a poor island, the way don't get you in Xmas ;)