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05-13-2007, 05:53 AM

I'm really considering getting Funeral Quest to run on a site, but I'm just having a bit of a dilemma after getting the demo.

The first thing I noticed after getting the demo is that the server is just a Windows program. If people want to put a flash game on their site I'd imagine almost all of them want to be able to run it off of their web server and not have to set up a completely new box just for a flash game.

Is there any way to get the game to run on a typical web server?

If no, does anyone know of anybody who has rented a server for FQ and what they use, or maybe even just knowledgeable of game server companies that are cheap and might allow hosting of Funeral Quest?

05-13-2007, 08:21 AM
To explain why it doesn't run under the more server oriented platforms such as linux:

When I wrote FQ I sort of envisioned that non-admin people would be making webpages and wanting to "spice up" their page without needing to be system admins - this is why it's windows and very simple to setup and run.

It was designed for more the "BBS style" of running it at home, for instance, it can use text to speech to announce logons and when players chat.

It's a lot of fun playing god and being able to keep a close eye on it.

That said, I think most of the bigger games are run on a hosted windows box and they admin it through Remote Desktop. This works fine to control FQ, but yeah, what a hassle to rent a remote windows box for one tiny app.

Because a lot of the code is platform dependent, it's very unlikely it will be rewritten for other platforms at this time.