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02-21-2015, 02:07 PM
I got a Christmas package from my 'little' sister the other day (my family, including myself, is full of procrastinators, we typically send out Christmas packages by Easter on average :whistling: )

My sister is 23, gorgeous and brilliant (honors graduate and going for Phd full scholarship! I'm proud can ya tell?), and she loves video games! Because of divorce and circumstance, we were raised 1000 miles away from each other but we have enjoyed developing a special bond since we have become adults. I am so tickled at how much we have in common and how personality traits can be hereditary and not just learned behavior.

Anyway, she gives the best presents ever, they are always spot on. This year she got us video games and she got me something called Tomodachi Life. I had been eyeing it at GameStop thinking it looked cool, but my boys were always like..eh...

I started playing it on my 3DS (my boys saved their $ and got it for me for Christmas <3 ) two days ago. I have never played Sims..so maybe it is similar. It is a life simulation game basically, but it uses Miis, the characters you make on your Wii.

I started out with 4 characters, me, my husband and my two boys. My 'island' wasn't really doing much and I realized I needed more characters..but as the four characters I made started interacting I started to worry. The game says you can make any character you want and kind of nudges you in the direction of your friends and family. But..as you go through tutorials and start playing..you read that characters can fall in love, have babies, all kinds of life events... only adults fall in love with adults and kids fall in love with kids. So, from an adults perspective, if I started creating all these characters that were my friends irl, who are a combination of single and married...what if my character fell in love with my best friend's husbands character despite all my best efforts to make my character fall in love with my own husband's character. This felt awkward and uncomfortable to me. I went to the web for help with this..I found the Nintendo 'Parent Page' for Tomodachi Life..well, there's my answer. This game isn't made for 35 year olds..its for pre teens and teens who like to pretend with life simulation..

Still, I invested at least an hour in the game..and I really wanted to see what my characters do. So, I came up with an ingenious solution. I am making characters on my Tomodachi Life based off my friends and characters I know in GT! Tomodachi in GT is locked so I got Tomodachis for now. I want to make an apartment building for all the characters to keep them up to date if they want to know what's going on in the game :)

I only made two characters so far. I drew their Miis with the editor myself based on their forum avatar and/or their GT characters. I designated their personalities during creation based on my impression and interactions with them in game.

Anyway, I think it will be a fun little experiment/diversion/waste of time that I could be doing something useful like writing an app or whatever..

Me and my sis on my graduation night, I dressed up like Sugar Plum Fairy and she was a Christmas Tree for SantaCon:


02-21-2015, 02:18 PM
Haha, that's really sweet of her. I also have Tomodachi Life and I was thinking of adding Growtopians as well, but I think there might be a limit on the island that I am close to reaching. :sweatdrop: