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02-27-2015, 05:09 PM
Hey! :)

So I wanted to start something called Dear [Blank], where I will "thank" the person, group of people, place, or thing, for doing the things that annoy the heck out of me or you guys.

So here it is, the first ever: Dear [Blank]

Dear Teachers,

Thank you for making our lives the hardest thing ever, next to that Pop Quiz you gave us on the whole book when we only have read the first chapter. Also, why is it that you favor someone in the class over everyone? See in my class it's this kid named Bob. (Note: Not the kid's real name. I don't even have a Bob in my class. LOL!) Why do you have to choose Bob over all of us? He's not even that good at your class, but he's still your favorite. But then you say: I don't have a favorite. I like you all equally. See, we wouldn't mind if you were just honest. Well, I wouldn't mind. :prophet:

Then there's the fact that you give us all the hardest assignments on the same day as another teacher. For example: (Note: The following are not ment to be any acttual person. Any similarities are purely coincidental.)

Ms.Paige: Hey Mr.Jones, when are you having that really big history test? :scratch:
Mr.Jones: You mean the one that is worth 50% of each students grade? :sweatdrop:
Ms.Paige: Yes! That one. :o
Mr.Jones: Next week on Tuesday.
Ms.Paige: Great! I'll give them a project thats worth 75% of there project and due on the same day.
Mr.Jones: Wonderful. Can I give them six hours worth of home work? :scratch:
Ms.Paige: Why not! :) :yeah:

*End Scene*

Finally, why do you give us homework? Why can't you just teach me everything I need to learn when I'm at school. You make us bring home torture devices that are almost impossible to solve!

But in all honestly, thank you for everything you do teachers. What you do for us gets us ready to go into the real world and we know you care about us. So, thank you.


Well, I hope you enjoied that! :) Stay tuned for the next: Dear [Blank]

02-27-2015, 05:13 PM
Bud, all teh teachaz want is to gib u GUD edukashun.

Free bump for this thread, needs moar recognition.

Nice idea, btw.