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06-01-2013, 12:21 AM
Day one>Year 2052: June 25

The ink black sky towered above me as I peered through the thick glass. None terrestrial rocks resembled nothing of what was once in its place. The toxic wisp roomed around me as I pay no attention to its deadly potential. Crumpled shattered inhabitable buildings leaned against one another. In the distance, the ink black sea clawed onto the shore of the beach. The dead silence was what one should be expect if they took their helmet off. The baggy suit rubbed against my every step. It has been several days as I can remember of walking in this barren wasteland. The skeletal buildings looked down at me, almost with their mouths open screaming at me.
How did this came to be? Ah...Yes... It all started when a alien invasion struck at our darkest hour. We should have survived, we should have won, but...We didn’t. Arrogance, anger, greed took over our generals as they flee for life, fearing the threat unknowingly that we have the potential to defeat it. The war ended as fast as it started, with a bomb, a bomb can start a war, and it can also end it. The ultimate price? I look around myself once more. This, this is the ultimate price...
A rustle of leaves snatched my attention, a scuttle of black scurried around me. I turned, only to look at the barren wasteland that pierced my memory. A low growl made me sweat. I turned around. A small dog growled at me, its body skinny with its ribs showing. I took a step back, something isn’t right... The dog suddenly yelped, a defining explosion pushed me back.
“No...” I mumbled as I stood up... The dog should have known that in this toxic environment...Nothing would stand this level of airborne toxicity...
A flashing red light beeped on my wrist, I looked at it with a smile.

Day 2

Another day scuttled past my shoulders as I walked through what was once a popular city called...neoooo, yok? I hit myself to see if I could remember the name that once meant my home. A yawn fogged up my helmet as I continued to walk past all the cars. What was inside the cars? I already knew...I pulled out my flare gun, not sure what I was going to attract if I activated it. I held it in my hand, memories shot out and pierced my mind. Tears ran down my cheeks as I came to remember how everything was. I continued to walk to my destination, a science center...I need a new suit...Maybe some supplies, but what really drove me is that rumors ran around me that there was a safe house there...? Black scuttles and rustling objects were common here, they were just here for intimidation. I ignored the papers that hovered past me, cars that were as dead as everything was...
I walked into the facility, the broken lights dangled from the ceiling as sparks spat out and died, I slowly crept down the stairs...I could feel the cold wisp of death brush past me... I felt the final basement floor now, my feet pressed and expanded against the dusty stone floor.
“Hello...?” I yelled into the black dark room. I heard my own voice echoed back through the grim stone walls. A chill crawled down my spine, something was very unsettling about this place. Nothing would have survived the bomb...Unless...No...I am the last person here only because I was beyond here...But ill think about that later...
I pulled out a flash light and shined it into the room. No one here... only the rusty ground and the grim walls took place of this prism... I signed... The person that made the signal was now not here...As in he will never come back...

Day 3

The cold sky resembled nothing as I stumbled another set of rocks... I was the only person left... The thought stabbed me, but sometimes the truth is the more painful than any lie... Another truth pierced into me, how am I suppose to survive? How am I suppose to live this nightmare for the rest of my life!
I picked up a rock and signed into the dullness of the day. No...If I survived, there must be another surviving facility or at least somewhere that is safe...
Back into reality, I took another step and continued my journey into what was once a desert. Every speck of sand had turned into ash. Ash that floated with the wind and buried those who needed to be buried. No cactus, no life...nothing, just piles, mountains, islands of grey think ash.
All of a sudden,my foot sank into the thin mountain of ash, I felt my entire body thrust forward and plummet into the ash. My entire body rolled down the hill randomly. Finally, I felt my body smash into a hard object for once, and I stopped rolling. A soft rumble filled the air, I carefully looked up, just in time to be eaten by a entire pile of ash.
I could barely see inside my suit, heavy weight pressed down onto my chest as I gasped and wheezed for air. My hands and legs were belted into place as I saw more white streaks slowly crawled onto the my helmet. My life was over...Everything was-
A beeping noise echoed in the ash. Then I realized something: The thing I smashed into was a small land bomb.
If this thing goes off then- A huge fire of red air smashed into my body as hot air engulfed me, I felt my world shake as I was thrown back into the air, hurled back into existence as I twirled rapidly without feeling. Then I felt my body smash onto the compiled ash. It took me a few seconds to get into focus, what just happened to my body and how lucky I was to even be thinking right now...
I smiled as I stood up once again and realized luck was on my side, then I continued my journey.

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the name was read

you better watch 1000 ways to die to grt some ideas

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