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03-04-2015, 02:05 AM
Join this thread to learn all about stopping and not being scammed by scammers! As scams become more and more common in Growtopia,we all need a way to stop or at least avoid scams. We can also help you with other questions or any problems you got.

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This is an example of a drop game in Growtopia, the owner tells you to drop to win his rare items. after your drop your items,guess what? He/She steals your items! If you see these scams,report to mods immediately by saying /msg (modname) (situation(HELP!Theres an emergency/scam at (Worldname). if there's no mods online,please leave the world. DO NOT HOST A DROP GAME OR YOU WILL BE BANNED!!!

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68783 Here is a drop game in Growtopia.Please try reporting it or avoiding it(If no mods are currently online).