View Full Version : Several Facts About yer Virus

03-05-2015, 01:11 PM
Due to people doing these, I'll jump into this bandwagon because why not?

I have several dozens of online reincarnations from different areas of the internet before coming up to my name. Some of them are Anoneighmous, BIOS, LOLnown, etc.
I prefer puzzle and strategy games over action and RPGs, because of too much lag generation, complicated mechanics (especially in MOBAs), and hyperhidrosis (too much hand sweating I mentioned in other threads).
I started liking horror games when someone introduced me The Crooked Man in 7th grade. I started liking it more because of the FNAF series.
I swear a lot in a community where profanity is allowed. By a lot, I literally mean 500+ times per day, because I keep too much hate from people I interact with IRL.
Due to the destiny trying to impede my attempts to play LoL, I can't relate with my close friends' talks (half of my friends play LoL and DotA 2 (in addition to that, the authorities near ours prohibited any internet cafes to let people play DotA and the like because of "too much violence")).
I am a teenager troubled in catching up with the changes happening in the real world.
Ever since I heard about genetically modified organisms, bread is the only thing I trust in this cruel world.
I am in between the short side and the tall side, although I am more in the tall side.
When aggravated, randomly spouts insults to someone who aggravates. That applies to the real world so no worries.
I put peanut butters on top of pizzas before eating them because I believe that it will give you the ability to control the past.
I like jumping in bandwagons.

Say when you want me to add more.