View Full Version : For those who play Crossy Road :]

03-06-2015, 09:06 PM
To those who play that game (Crossy Road). Just wanted to thread how to unlock dem zekret characterz.
Gifty- Das Festive Chicken, arrive to the christmas tree.
Ben Weatherhall- Great or New score with THE DARK LORDEH
Andy Sum- Great or New score with Teh Epic DUCK (Mallard).
Matt Hall- Great or New score with da Lucky Cat.
Drop Bear- Jump with koala and wait until drop bear jumps on you.
Hipster Whale- Jump on him while he's in range (Water).
Crab- Make your desert character jump left-right-left-right alot.
Cai Shen- 5 Red envelopes in one game.

Piggy bank has another way of unlocking. Crash 3 police cars with Epoch in one game.

To those who appreciate it :p