View Full Version : [GAME] Teh Nevar-ending Comic Strip of Randomness!

03-16-2015, 12:38 PM
The point of this game is to contribute a frame in this (probably) never-ending comic strip (or not). :crazy:

Now, for the guidelines!
The first person to post here should save (or copy, whatevar) this picture first.
After that, he (the poster) will contribute 1 frame ONLY to the strip.
The frame can be about anything! Either it follows the previous frames, a picture hauled from images.google.com or just a completely unrelated doodle. You decide.
Post your masterpiece in the forums.
After the first poster has done that, the next poster must save the most recent picture made by the previous poster and repeat the steps above.

Strictly no R-18 content in your frames!
(optional) Add some description on what the frame is all about (if you decided to take a turn on the completely unrelated route).
No Comic Sans! I just don't like it.
Once it has gotten reaaaly looong, spoilers are mandatory.
No quoting. It makes the thread hard to navigate. :sweatdrop:

But, I don't have PhotoShop...Don't worry, you can use LITERALLY any image manipulating program (yep, even Paint).

Well, I'll start. (I started with three frames because why not? :crazy:)
(pardon the small image, it should be larger when copied to clipboard)

03-17-2015, 05:15 AM
http://dragcave.net/image/67N2O/gif (http://dragcave.net/view/67N2O)

click mah egg pls. only 1 day left. cant believe i forgot about it.