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03-20-2015, 11:25 PM
i may or may not be too lazy to use a flash drive so i'm gonna post a short story here to transfer to my dad's house

read it if you want don't if you don't

Chapter 1
Kaci stared at the clock, waiting for the bell to just ring already. It's almost time, she thought as the clock inched closer to 2:30. 2:29 and 40 seconds. 41. 42. 43. 44…

“And remember,” said Mr. Archibald, the English teacher, “You have a short story to write about--”

Interrupted by the bell. Kaci rushed out of the classroom. Her deep brown hair whooshed back by the speed she was going. Rushing to her locker, her heart beat fast with anticipation for the end of the school day. She reached the tall locker and shoved her books in before anyone could tel her to stop. She held tightly onto her bookbag as she sped out of the school and onto a great weekend.

Snow poured down, causing a sort of apocalypse. This was normal weather in New York. She ran directly across the street to her family's huge double-story house. It had three bedrooms, the biggest for Kaci. Kaci's younger sisters—who happened to be twins—had the second largest bedrooms. Kaci's mom had the smallest.

Kaci walked in the front door of her house and inhaled the welcoming smell of patchouli candles. Kaci's mother, Whitney, was relaxing on the couch after a long day of work. Whitney worked a long day, 3 in the morning until noon. She had to get up extremely early, and her bedtime was 7:30 at night. Kaci saw this as a “bedtime for three-year-olds”, but Whitney wasn't one to care as much as Kaci. Kaci's sisters, Ashton and Nyla, were in the second grade and cared way too much about homework assignments—at least, too much for Kaci's liking. Ashton had the same dark brown hair as Kaci, but Nyla had hair that looked nearly bleached blond, the same color of hair that Whitney had.

Whitney and her husband, the girls' father, recently had a huge breakup. Whitney still had to care for the kids and maintain her job all at once, and the children couldn't see their father, seeing as how he moved all the way to California to start a fresh life. “We'll never see him,” Whitney would say. “He's probably got a huge acting job, we'll see him all over television!” However, the girls' father, Sergio, called often to check up on the girls. But he never asked about Whitney. Whitney had been lonely since the breakup, and since her job was so difficult to do because of the insane hours, thirteen-year-old Kaci was left to care for Ashton and Nyla when Whitney was at work.

“I'm home,” announced Kaci as she burst through the great double doors of the house.

“Welcome home!” shouted Whitney as she pulled Kaci in for a hug. Kaci only gave in because she knew how bad it had been for Whitney since the huge breakup between her and Sergio.

“How was school today?” asked Whitney.

“Good, I guess,” said Kaci. “I don't know what my English homework is, though, because the teacher never got a chance to tell us.”

“Oh,” said Whitney, slightly concerned. “Did your friends hear it?”
Kaci shrugged.

“I could call them and ask,” offered Kaci. She ran up the spiraling staircase to her deep gray bedroom. She dialed the number of her best friend, Ryann.

“Hello?” asked the girl's voice on the other end.

“Ryann,” asked Kaci. “What's the English homework? I totally didn't get it, and I'm afraid my grade in English will go down even worse if I don't do this assignment.”

“It's a short story about an American teenager,” said Ryann. “It's due by Tuesday of next week. You have time.”

“Mmhm,” said Kaci. “Thanks! I'll talk to you later.”

“Bye!” shouted Ryann through the phone.

Kaci fell onto her queen mattress and spread her arms out. A short story, thought Kaci. Really? Something else couldn't have been picked?

“Kaci, it's 2:50!” shouted Whitney up the stairs.

“Okay, Mom!” said Kaci. “I'll be right there!”

Kaci rushed down the stairs and slipped on her black North Face jacket. She stood outside of their house, waiting for the arrival of the elementary school's bus. Ashton and Nyla were always the first stop, so they arrived home around 3 PM. The elementary school got out around 2:45, which was odd, considering it was an elementary school. Most of the time, kids in elementary school don't even have to wait at the bus stop until 8:30, and they don't get out until 3:30 or 3:45.

Kaci checked the screen on her iPhone 5s. 2:59. The bus will be here any minute…

Just like clockwork, the bus arrived in front of the huge house. Ashton and Nyla fled off the bus with their Motorola Razrs in hand. Kaci constantly laughed at the fact they had Razrs. Her mother had a Razr back in, what, 2005? Regardless, Ashton had a blue one, Nyla had pink. Whitney had gotten the girls Razrs because she was afraid of what would happen if she got them iPhones at such a young age. The other kids were so jealous of the girls' Motorola Razrs, and hey, it made them happy.

“Heya, Kaci!” shouted Nyla. “What's cracking?”

Kaci slapped herself in the face. Nyla was acting like a radio show host who thought they knew the first thing about teenagers.

“Nyla,” signaled Kaci. “Act like you're eight, not like you're 50.”

Nyla sighed. “Fine.”

Kaci smiled.

Ashton was talking into her phone. Who's she talking to, thought Kaci. Grandma?

Ashton and Nyla, with their huge bubble jackets, followed Kaci inside. Nyla and Ashton saw Kaci as a role model, although not doing your homework and constantly getting C's on report cards isn't what Whitney considered as “role-model material”.

“Okay, love you too,” said Ashton into her phone.

“That was my boyyyyyfriendddddddddd,” bragged Ashton. Ashton kept finding other willing eight-year-olds who she called her boyfriends.

“Who is it now?” asked Kaci.

“Gabriel,” said Ashton eagerly. “He's my new boyfriend. He's soo much cooler than Owen.”

Kaci slapped herself in the face again. The fact that Ashton kept finding “boyfriends” was so ridiculous. And that she said this “Gabriel” was cooler than this “Owen”, it was a little more ridiculous. At eight, Kaci didn't even know how real relationships worked, yet.

Kaci pulled her Macbook Air out from her desk. She powered it on and laid down on her bed while she began to type up this short story.

What am I supposed to do? Write my life?

Rather than questioning her entire life and how to fit it into three paragraphs, she instead wrote the story about a girl named Gabriella.

Gabriella's story ended up being extremely similar to Kaci's life. Kaci had even given her younger sisters who were twins.

“Oh well,” thought Kaci aloud. “At least it's finished.”

Kaci sent the document to the printer.

Downstairs, Ashton was watching SpongeBob, and Nyla was chatting with Sergio on the phone.

“Daddy,” she insisted. “When I see you, I want an iPhone like Kaci!”

Kaci just shook her head and smiled. Her sisters really had trusted her, made her seem like a goddess. And here she was, doing nothing but getting awful grades and having whatever she wanted.
Whitney was in the kitchen, preparing the family dinner. She had already tossed a chicken in the oven, and the vegetables were boiling in pots on the stove.

Kaci grabbed the story from the printer and read it to make sure everything was correct. Ever since February began, she put more effort towards school—or, at least, tried—because she cared more about her grades nowadays. Her sisters weren't going to do what they were told forever, and they needed someone positive to look up to. And hey—who else is a better role model than Kaci?

Kaci walked into the kitchen and stood at the bar.

“Need any help, Mom?” offered Kaci.

“Actually, yes!” said Whitney, accepting Kaci's offer. “Would you mind baking something for dessert tonight?”

Kaci was a bit shocked by Whitney's response, but she accepted the challenge.

“Sure,” agreed Kaci.

Kaci grabbed a box of red velvet cake mix out from the pantry.

As she followed the directions, the deep red cake mix reminded her that she wouldn't be young forever and would need to soon start doing things on her own.

As soon as the cake mix was done, she poured it into a circle pan and tossed it in the oven. “Thirty minutes,” she read aloud as she looked at the instructions on the box. She pushed the cake into the oven right after Whitney had removed the chicken from the oven.

As the quartet ate dinner together, Whitney asked the average questions that any parent would ask their child after school. (How was school today? Did you learn anything new?)

After dinner was finished, Kaci checked on the cake. She pulled it out of the oven and stuck a toothpick through the center to see if it was done. She iced it with vanilla icing and served it to Nyla, Ashton, and Whitney.

“Aren't you having any?” asked Whitney.

“No,” replied Kaci. “I'm kind of full, I'll eat some in a little bit.”

Kaci ran up to her room. She texted her close friend, Karyme.

Kaci: Hey Karyme!
Karyme: Hey Kaci.
Kaci: Tbh I need something to do tomorrow.
Karyme: you need sumthing 2 do? Wanna shop?
Kaci: Ya, where do u wanna go:?
Karyme: Aero?
Kaci: Ya! Txt me tomorrow morn when u wake up. We'll make plans.
Karyme: Deal.

Kaci shoved the lightning charger into her iPhone 5s. She flopped down on her bed and decided to begin her Algebra homework when she got a phone call from Ryann.

Chapter 2
“I have something to tell you,” said Ryann on the other end.

“What?” asked Kaci. “Did you get a boyfriend?”

Ryann began to cry on the other end.

“No. I'm moving. To Michigan.”

“But, you can't move!” shouted Kaci through the phone.

“My parents said that we don't have a choice,” whined Ryann.

“Ryann, you can't move! You have to stay,” begged Kaci.

“If I could, I would, Kaci.” said Ryann. “But we have to. I have… something to tell you.”

Kaci was a bit shocked, Ryann never kept secrets.

“My dad just lost his job,” said Ryann. “So we don't have any money. Our house just got foreclosed, and, well, we're moving Monday.”

“This isn't happening,” said Kaci aloud. “I have to go,” she said through tears.

“Bye,” said Ryann before hanging up.

Kaci's best friend was moving away, and there was nothing she could do.

Kaci walked downstairs to grab a piece of cake.

“Kaci, what's wrong?” asked Whitney.

“Ryann's moving,” said Kaci with a sad, forlorn expression on her face.

“Where to?” asked Whitney.

“Michigan.” replied Kaci, becoming even sadder.

“I've got some news, too,” said Whitney.

“This can't be good,” said Kaci under her breath.

“Well, we've thought it through, and Nyla is going to go live with your father in California,” said Whitney.

“Now I'm gonna be famous!” shouted Nyla. “Aren't ya proud of me?”

“Yeah,” said Kaci, almost at a breakdown point. “I'm gonna miss you, though.”

“So's Ashton,” replied Nyla. “But we can talk and stuff too! On our phones!”

“Are you sure you really want to move?” asked Kaci to Nyla.

“Of course! You're gonna see me all over TV!” replied Nyla.

How can she be happy about this, thought Kaci. She's moving across the entire country.

“Daddy's gonna pick me up Monday,” shouted Nyla.

“That's the same day Ryann's moving,” thought Kaci aloud.

Kaci forgot about the cake slice and ran upstairs into her bedroom to text Karyme again.

Kaci: Bad news.
Karyme: Wat?
Kaci: Ryann and Nyla r moving.
Karyme: Ryann's moving? 2 where?
Kaci: Michigan.
Karyme: :( Wat about ur sister? Wheres she moving?
Kaci: California 2 live w/ my dad :(
Karyme: This can't be happening. It has to be a dream. Cancel mall plans 4 2morrow, we have 2 visit Ryann.
Kaci: Agreed.

Kaci forgot about everything in the world except for Nyla and Ryann. Ryann couldn't move. Neither could Nyla. Nothing was going according to plan, and Kaci was going to have the worst eighth grade year ever. She just couldn't understand why this was happening to herself.