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03-20-2015, 11:33 PM
The purpose of this 'game' is simple:
Every Friday (or so), I will add a different set of scenarios. There will be an introduction, and three to four 'paths' to choose from - all of which are going to be randomly chosen (by you!). Once you know what scenario you need to follow in the story, you must complete it with your own creative spin! It can be small, short, based on real-life events, or it can be from your imagination completely. Oh, and here are some rules: You cannot copy something else (a book, film, story, etc) and you cannot copy any others who decide to participate. Also, please try to follow the story; You can put your own spins on it (I actually would rather if you do so!), but I'd also like it to make sense. I keep the introduction rather vague so you can fill in your own details when you finish off the story.

Rules? I thought this was for fun!
Well - it is. But, I'm going to make this a contest, just to make it extra interesting. After a few days or so, once a lot of stories are written, I will let people choose the story they think were the best. Don't be biased, please! Choose a winner based on what story was the most interesting, not whether or not you like the person. The winner will receive one world lock. It's not the best reward, but hey, it's something.

Introduction: You are walking through a dark and dreary forest, unaware of where you are or where to go. It is hard to see, mostly because the leaves of the trees are blocking out most of the moonlight. This has started out as a camping trip, and is now ending out like a survival situation. You look up as you suddenly see two deep holes in the ground. You look around, only to see that you are surrounded by thick tree trunks and prickly leaves. It's either turn back or go underground...

Click here and spin the wheel to decide your character's fate! (http://tinyurl.com/qct8uhs) No cheating - Work with what you get!

Ending A: Turn back
You seem to either have claustrophobia or you might just want to stay above-ground. Man, caves are disorientating. Maybe if you retrace your steps, you'll find your way back to camp? Or, you could get lost in the process...

Ending B: Hole #1
You look down into hole #1. It is completely pitch black and you can hear sinister sounds below. Well, you know how the kids say it nowadays: You only live once.

Ending C: Hole #2
You look down into hole #2. Light emits from down below, and a rusty old latter is there for convenience. As you approach, you become more exposed to the heat coming down from below.

Good luck, and have fun!