View Full Version : Got Bored? GUIDE on what to do on Growtopia when you get bored.

Conache Roby
03-30-2015, 03:12 PM
This is what you have to do when you get bored.
~ B O R E D ? ~

1. Annoy your friends.
3. Do random Sb's. (THIS MIGHT BE USEFULL)
4. Chat with your friends.
5. Do parkours.
6. Troll someone. I've got the best troll , click the spoiler to read.
So if you want to troll your friends all you have to do is : Create an world that has an identic name with theirs and say "OMG I WL-ED UR WORLD"

Happy Trolling and , i hope that won't make you feel bored ever again. (It won't help you forever anyways)