View Full Version : WWDC and E3 Discussion Thread

06-11-2013, 06:17 AM
So, discuss these two conferences now that the first day is over. What are you lookin forward to?

I'm looking forward to iOS 7. October can't come fast enough. I like the design change, and the transparency in all of it is a nice touch. The Control Center is really cool too. With that, and the moveable background on the home screen, it looks like Apple is trying to combat some of the features of jailbreaking. If they really wanted to end jailbreaking, Apple needs to ditch the whole idea of design, and allow users to make and download themes. Also, I really want native screen recording capability. That's the only thing that jailbreaking can do that appeases to me.

Anyways, games or news in the world of Apple, what's your take?