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06-12-2013, 10:12 AM
ClanLib 3.0 Release is drawing near.

To prepare for this, we have prepared a beta download, available at http://clanlib.org/wiki/Download

This is for developers to try out of SDK, and ensure that desired functionality hasn't been lost, before we lock the API.

There is no release date at the moment. It depends on how the Beta is received by developers.

Soon, the ClanLib.org Wiki will be locked and removed. This will be replaced by standard HTML pages, located in SVN (or possibly GIT). The Wiki editing facility was rarely used, except by spammers, who used it a lot.

If an issue is found, please ensure that you are using the latest ClanLib SVN, and post a patch to this forum.

06-21-2013, 11:08 AM
The beta has been updated (21 June 2013)


Containing these important fixes:

clanGUI: Changed top-level components to default to the window tag name rather than component
clanGUI: Created "DragBox", that replaces the old CL_Window. Its CSS tag name is "dragbox". Like CL_Window, it can be used as the root component
clanGUI: Fix the implementation of GUI font handling. This vastly improves the FPS of the GUI examples (From 12fps to 300fps in one instance)
clanCore: Removed the cl_ prefix from log_event
clanCore: Remove the vector's [] and * operators. They had potential issues with incorrect use.
clanDisplay: Remove the Graphic Context from the clan::Image constructors when they are not required
clanGL: Now also supports OpenGL 3.0, and OpenGL 3.1. (Lower than OpenGL 3.0, we switch to a legacy opengl 1.3 based renderer)

06-28-2013, 08:26 AM
The beta has been updated (28 June 2013)


Containing these important fixes:

clanGUI : Adjust the ListView, so that is does not crash the GUI Examples, due to an invalid clip rect. (Fix is incomplete)
clanDisplay : Add Quadf drawing to clan::Image (replaces the old CL_Draw::draw(quad) )
clanDisplay : Now throws an exception if the clip rectangle is invalid inside a canvas
clanDisplay : Added some test code trying to use indexed strings for button names for the joystick (Not tested)
clanSWRender : Added line_strip support
All : Xcode project for OS X now builds all targets (Display targets are incomplete)

07-12-2013, 12:33 PM
The beta has been updated (12 July 2013)


Containing these important fixes:

clanCore: Fix bug in the ClipRect overlap function, where it creates an invalid rectangle when the 2 rects do not overlap. Modified to return width or height of zero, on the offending edge
clanGUI: Add a default resources to GUIManager
clanGUI: Resurrected clan::Window (old CL_Window)
clanDisplay: Removed the TransferBuffer buffer from the batchers. clanGL1, clanD3D and clanSWRender run at the same speed. clanGL3 increased significantly.
clanCore : Added JsonValue class
clanNetwork : Fixed bug in encoding binary data in NetGame
clanCore : Add is_equal function to the matrix classes
clanCore : Move common simple (short) matrix functions inline, to help the optimiser
clanCore : Add is_equal function to the vector classes
clanCore : Made the matrices == operator const
clanCore : Modified the simple vector operations to become inline
clanCore : Remove clan::Point from clan::Vec2 constructors, since clan::Point inherits clan::Vec2, they are not required
clanDisplay: Add constructors: Texture2D(GraphicContext &context, const PixelBuffer &image, bool is_srgb = false); and Texture2D(GraphicContext &context, const PixelBuffer &image, const Rect &src_rect, bool is_srgb = false);

*** Note, The Linux .tgz package does not contain the windows gui theme. The Linux theme has not been tested, and may be missing functionality. If this causes an issue, use SVN instead ***