View Full Version : Seriously..

05-01-2015, 08:48 PM
I never told Eyez to kill himself. I got mad at him because he attacked my friends.

05-01-2015, 10:26 PM
Well, really. Would you actually listen to a person on the internet who told you to kill yourself? Like, just use some common sense here. Just because he said "go kil urself noob" doesn't mean he actually meant it or wanted you to do it. He probably thought it was funny or was just pissed off. So, if the person just said "OK, well that's your choice." or something along those lines. You don't have to listen to people like that. They don't like you? Report 'em or leave.


Then again, saying you should go kill yourself is very mean and can cause pandemonium for some people. Because they might not have been used to getting hated upon, or being insulted, or even just haven't been on the Internet for very long, so they might take it seriously. I think, even if you didn't say it, that using the term "go kill yourself" is probably worse than saying all the swears in the book in a sentence. If that one person actually took it seriously, how would it make you feel? Again, just using some plain old common sense here. So, we don't know if you said it or not, but just, just, don't....don't do this

(By the way, this argument is pointless as both sides present little to nothing evidence. Let it blow over.)