View Full Version : How to troll

05-05-2015, 06:35 AM
Step 1: Choose your victim, make sure they are not newbies.
Fact: Experienced people tend to be more feeble when it comes to trolling.
Step 2: Annoy them
Tip: Try to say lololol, lelelele, lalala, etc. It works
Step 3: Use derpy words to annoy them.
ex. i iz gun rikt u m8
Step 4: Use derpy words when apologizing.
ex. i iz suri, i iz nut gn du it agin.
Step 5: Don't say "You just got trolled"
Step 6: Do step 2
Step 7: Stop whenever you want, if you don't want to stop, repeat step 1 on another person.