View Full Version : scammer spotted(mod pls help)

05-11-2015, 11:07 AM
i am sorry i could not take a scrnsht guys.
but trust me this is a real sccammer.
her name is nikky12.
she has a full world of scamming tricks!
i forgot d world name.
how it happend-
i was looking for traders in d start2(start already had 65ppl)
then i found dragonpika.
we became good traders.
1day i warped to her.,
nikky12 was there.,
they introduced me to d world.
at 1point i saw a sign 100% no scam.
i was confused.then when i went further i saw a sign say DROP.
at this point i knew it was a scam world!after sometime nikkypulled me into the drop game!
i knew it was a scam.but they both were trying to convince me it wasnt.
then i said i am not playing i know it is a scam.
then nikky12 kicked me and private mssged me with bad words.
i want to report this i am new so i dunno where to report.
pls help me with dis case.
and for saying bad words since the growtopia does not allow she put dots inbetween the words.
i need help pls ban her:mad:

- - - Updated - - -

sorry i made a mistake she world banned me* not only ban me:p