View Full Version : The Growtopian Story of Comment

05-11-2015, 10:59 PM
As I tell you this story, don't be mean on the thread. This is my personal information sharing to you guys.

It all started when I started in March 2013 ( I know you guys know my level (15) and think I wasted my time, but it was actually another account. ) I was named Shadow John. Then, when I was a little newbie back then, I always loved small locks, lol, so I started buying them. It was a good growtopian day in my world locked by a small lock when I accidentally removed it while a person was still there. I was almost about to quit this game when he world locked my world and gave me access. I was thanking him and now I started farming that day. When a guy approached me he said that it was his birthday and he said if I gave him my account, then he will buy me gems ( of course I was still stupid ). I told him my password was: ***** and he eventually tricked me. When I logged on, I was cursed for 45 days. Then, I started to make ANOTHER account name Shadow John 2. I was very confident this time and I read the rule frequently. I asked my friend to give me my access back and eventually started farming again. Then I met this girl and I became her boyfriend. Then, I saw that she cheated at me at the first day. I loved her very much (of course acting game) and yea. Listen to part 2 guys, so thank you.