View Full Version : Proton updated to using Android V3 In App Billing - and a input issue warning

06-30-2013, 05:12 AM
Ok, Proton is now using the Android V3 In-App-Billing (more reliable) - it handles consumables slightly different, so check the commit log for specifics if you were using the old one.

Also, one thing to know about: If you tell your app to use SDK 17 in the manifest as the base SDK, there is a bug where backspace from the virtual keyboard is not recognized on certain device+keyboard+OS combos.

Apparently it's a bug in Android V4.1.2 or something. (Hits less than <1% but still) So keep your base SDK set at something lower, like 9, and this doesn't happen.

There is a work around I should do, but none of my devices can reproduce the problem so for safety I didn't try yet, I just re-submitted my game with the lower SDK setting.