View Full Version : What are your preferred FQ settings?

04-09-2008, 12:57 PM
Just thought I'd spur some conversation on what type of FQ game people prefer, and their thoughts on various add-ons.

My preferred settings:

Turns per day:- For a tournament, 30 is good. 45 works also, but is a bit high. For a regular game, 15 is actually a good setting since the game never ends.
"Rollover" :- I think rolling over missed turns is a great idea, especially in a regular game. However, when rollover is implemented, there can't be "top seller" bonuses otherwise you reward people for hoarding turns.
Yang's per day:- Not a big deal. 2 is good.
Visits per day:- I like 2.
Top player bonuses:- I guess I never really got this (yes, I understand the top player is a target for attacks and bad luck, but why make the rich richer?). A small luck bonus is appropriate. If the tournament/game is relatively small, the luck shouldn't be huge. Heck, I'm in a game with about a dozen people, and I'm getting 50 luck every day (25 each for top seller and top parlor), and most days I get no bad luck sent to me! Instead of balancing out the bad luck people send my way, it's made me a force when it comes to luck events (I win about every one, giving me a bigger edge than I should already have due to my smart early play). I think 10 luck and 25 bonus points works in most games, unless there's reason to think top players will be sent tons of bad luck.

Starting stats:- 10 HP, 3 strength, and 50 luck are good.

Weapons:- I'm somewhat of a purist, and like the game "regular," but I don't mind weapons. I'm somewhat partial to a simpler system (just brass knuckles and body armor). Most importantly, I think there should be a tutorial for the weapons, because a lot of it is vague. I mean, you know what you're getting when you buy a padlock, safe, smoke detector, or hearse. You know the cost, and you know the benefits. And there is plenty of good information out there about PSY, STR, and HP training. But why should players get a few weeks into a tournament only to then play trial and error with weapons. There's nothing telling you how strong the weapons are, how much the ammo costs, which weapons don't work with others (this is VERY frustrating), how fast they wear out, etc. And I don't think weapons should "sell out." Overall, the "server settings" should list the weapons, they're strengths/cost/compatibility with other weapons. Failing that, there should be a webpage for the specific add-on patch with all this information.

Various add-ons
(Side note: if you designed an add-on I don't like, don't take it personally. It's not an insult to your programming skill or anything. It's a matter of game balance, competitiveness, and sometimes mere preference.)

Black cat- Not a fan.
Bingo night- I'm OK with it.
Casino- Meh. Not a fan, but it's not a big deal
"Florist"- Definitely not a fan. The only positive aspect of this is that the twins can be reached at any time, which I think isn't a bad idea (though I don't think a new building is needed for that).
"Scripted hospital"- Ditto. Overly complicated.
"Graveyard"- This is even worse than the florist and hospital. Terrible feature
Car alarm- Meh, I'm not a fan. And a 20% chance of success? Hmmm.
Keying hearse- It gets a little confusing because there's the regular "key hearse" luck event, and then there's one where you target someone. I don't think tags should be at stake.
Bribes- I'm not sure I like the feature, but I understand its purpose.
Burglar alarm- I'm not sure how this works. If you don't have the gold tags, does that mean you're "late on your bills?" What if you have the equivalent in wood tags? Shouldn't that work?
"Oil Importer" mafia extortion- OK, this is absolutely the STUPIDEST feature I've seen. I think it's outrageous that someone can be a seasoned player, playing a game for weeks, and have something like that ruin them without warning. Hosts should let players know if they're going to use something like this feature so they can save their time (or at least spend their tags more frequently). Additionally, the feature doesn't present clear options for the player (I clicked "don't contribute" and it seemed to have the same effect). I can only assume that the news item about a player "finding a bag full of tags" is this player being the beneficiary of the extortion, which adds to the stupidity of this feature.