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GO ANGROX GO ANGROX, GO GO GO GO GO GO GO! As the crowd screams wildly Angrox dances on the stage in the world theamazingworld, while 50 people cheer him on! “ Ya man, do the Harlem shake!” Screams devenidiot from the top of the stage with JuanYuan, and Letroll! Come on Angrox, make that crowd go wild!” Screams Letroll. So, everyone was having a good time and everyone was screaming and laughing, but until now.......... “HELLO FOOLS!” As Weedy enters the world he has lots and LOTS of the g viruses in his hands! “ OH NO HES GONNA INFECT EVERYONE!” Screams JunYuan with TERROR! “Quickly guys, evacuate to the zombie emergency chamber!” Says Letroll. “Wait, but what about Angrox, he is still on the stage!” Devinidiot screams with fear! “ GE GE GE GE HAAAAA, I have changed my evil laugh, and your best friend Angrox is now a zombie with the others!” WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO PEOPLE!” Screams Devinidiot with frustration. “ BECAUSE, I LIKE MAKING EVIL GO THROUGH EVERYTHING!” Screams Weedy with evilness..... “HEY WEED FACE!” Screams Letroll. “WHAT TROLL THING!” Answers Weedy. “WORLD BAN!” Says Letroll. Then Letroll bans Weedy from the world. “BINGO!” Screams Letroll. GAK, GUYS THE ZOMBIES HAVE FIGURED OUT HOW TO GET TO US!” JuanYuan shouts in fear. “QUICKLY TO THE ZOMBIE ESCAPE POD!” Shouts Devinidiot. So everyone runs like crazy and then enters the house entrance and go to the back of the zombie pod..... “guys, let’s turn on the military radio and see if Weedy infected anyone else.....” Says JunYuan. So our heroes turn on the military radio and what they hear is terrifying...... “EVERY GROWTOPIAN PLEASE STAY IN YOUR HOUSE WHERE IT IS LOCKED, BECAUSE SOMEHOW THERE IS A ZOMBIE INVASION GOING ON AND EVERYONE IS TURNING INTO ZOMBIES, IT SAYS THAT A GUY NAMED WEEDY HAS CREATED A ZOMBIE VIRUS, SO STAY INDOORS AND LOCK THE DOORS!” As our heroes listen to what the news guy says they start to get totally FREAKED OUT! “Guys, we have to figure out a way to stop these zombies and save Growtopia!” Says Devinidiot seriously....... “Wait where’s Letroll?” Says JunYuan with suspence..... “AAAAAAAAA, GUYS HELP ME I TRIED TO PET A ZOMBIE ON HIS HEAD SO I CAN KEEP HIM AS A PET THEN A BUNCH ATTACKED ME, HELLLLLPPPPPP M..... BrAiiinzzz.......” Says Letroll as he turns into a zombie........ “GAK LETROLL NOOOOOOOO!” Screams Devinidiot with terror and sadness........
Will devinidiot and JunYuan survive and save Growtopia and their two friends? And will Letroll get his pet zombie? Stay tuned for the next comic to find out.........

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Remember this: this story is NOT a real story, it is made up, but the characters are real and this comic collection is copyright to everyone else, thanks for reading!

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To be honest it is very difficult to read this text. :sweatdrop:

Maybe you would divided it, a bit.

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