View Full Version : Funny Newbie !

Jack Smith
06-30-2015, 01:00 AM
So, I went to LOVEDATING and I stumbled upon a guy that called me a noob. Then he showed me his Diamond Set (I was like ***) and he said I have more items then you. Then, I said it doesn't matter how many items you got, knowledge tells if you are newbie or not. Then, he said "I know everything". I started asking him questions. The first one i said is, "Who is the new moderators of Growtopia?". Then, he said Seth and Hamumu. I was like, oh hell nah. Then, I started to say, when was Growtopia made. And he said 2014. LOL! I joined Growtopia on January 24, 2013. He said HACKER. (sorry i laughed at this part). Well, there's my story.