View Full Version : I have quite a number of G and R chemicals to sell in my shop name 'MusicleShop'!

07-03-2015, 12:50 PM
:sweatdrop::):o Message me or come to my world if your buying G and R chemicals,may have others but the prices may be abit diff from R and G chemicals:)!So if you need the chems,I will be selling at 200/WL for G and R!:whistling::panic::):yeah: My IGN:Musicle World:MusicleShop

Hope u guys visit my shop world xD!

And btw,can anyone help me with world name 'ZAP' and 'SEAGULL' on what i should actually make on?Short of gems + WLS and so need some tokens too :( Anyone can give ideas that is convenient to earn tokens and requires less amount of WLS/GEMS?:scratch::scratch::sweatdrop::whistling:

Your Help would be appreciated~~!