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Hello my name is Tyler, but in the Growtopia world they call me 'Zeuza'. I'm looking for any experienced players to give me any tips. As always thanks!


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Hello my name is Tyler, but in the Growtopia world they call me 'Zeuza'. I'm looking for any experienced players to give me any tips. As always thanks!


This is a simple guide for new players to help them understand a few things to get started. I may add extra tips or something in the future.


This is the "crafting" of Growtopia. To create new types of blocks, you must splice two types of seeds together to make a new tree. To do so, you simply plant one seed then use another seed on the growing sapling.

If the two seeds can be spliced together, the tree will change types and you will be informed of the success. Otherwise, you will be told the two types cannot be spliced and the secondary seed will be returned unused.

Items and seeds may be categorized into "tiers". The tier an item is in depends on the seeds required to create it. Bricks are a tier 3 item because they require Grass, a tier 2 item, in order to be created.

NOTE: For a beginner, getting ahold of the Basic Splicing Kit(200 Gems) from the store could prove useful but isn't necessary. The kit includes a total of 20 seeds: 10 Rock seeds and 10 random rarity 2 seeds. The Rock seeds in particular can prove incredibly useful to a new player, as obtaining the initial stock of these isn't always easy.

Even if you don't buy the kit, I highly recommend trying to farm rock seeds for a bit to improve your stock. They take awhile to break, and the stock may grow slowly, but it's worth it in the end.


How to use doors is a question asked quite often, so here's a simple how-to:

Doors have four properties:

Target World: This is the destination the door will take you to. Inserting a world name will send someone to the white door of the destination world. A colon followed by an ID will link to another door in the same world that possesses said ID. A world name followed by a colon and ID will link to a specific door in another world.

Display Label: This allows you to customize what is displayed to people that stand over the door. Make sure to use one when you have a destination ID you don't want made public.

ID: This is an identifier to be used by other doors.

"is open to public": This property only appears for doors in locked zones. If it is ticked, anyone can use the door. Otherwise, only users with access granted by the lock can.

Example: a door in WORLD1 with a destination of WORLD2:A will link to a door with the ID "A" located in WORLD2.

NOTE: Do not use IDs like 'A', 'B', '1', etc. These are extremely insecure and easy to guess and try. Use more descriptive or cryptic IDs that are difficult to guess.


Locks are, for the most part, self explanatory. They make it so only the user that placed them can manipulate space under their protection unless the owner specifies otherwise.

By default, normal locks protect an area expanding outward from their position. The area under protection can be altered using the "ignore empty air" option. When this is ticked and the re-apply lock button is used, the protected area will shift to affect connected blocks only. This feature can be used to create customized spaces by disconnecting the lock from all surrounding blocks then building a structure connected to it in the shape you desire.

The World Lock, of course, affects an entire world naturally. Other locks can be placed in a locked world to allow the user to grant access to specific areas to people.

Your First Secure World

Okay so now you know some basics. But how do you use them all to quickly get yourself a personal world safe from all of the hooligans that have been punching you around?! Simple!

First get your hands on 50 gems. You could buy some, complete a TapJoy offer or two, or go grab them by playing the game. You could go destroy a lot of dirt and cave backgrounds. Maybe plant some seeds, harvest low trees. Whatever you want. It doesn't take too long to get 50 gems.

Next, buy a small lock. Proceed then to splice a Dirt seed or two with Cave Background seeds to get some doors.

Then decide on a world name and go to it. If it's empty and suitable for you, set up something like the image below:


This design is fully protected by an ignore-air small lock. There are two doors that link to each other to get in and out. Make sure you tick off public access and add display labels to the doors! The outside door is far enough away from the building to ensure no one can try to examine it to get its ID. The game won't allow someone without lock access to place their own doors outside of the locked structure.

All of this together means that this design should provide you with a perfectly safe world so long as you don't give anyone shady access.

Once you have better locks and materials you can make things even nicer, but this should suffice for starting out. Oh, and you can fill the area beneath the structure back up with dirt or something. It just needs to be removed when you re-apply your lock to get the proper shape.

Harvesting Techniques

By harvesting I really mean the smashing of blocks in search of seeds. Here are a couple designs that can make this go smoother.



A 2 wide, 1 high platform is the perfect structure for placing and breaking a variety of blocks. Especially things like doors and signs. It's also very useful for blocks that deal damage like lava, death spikes or cacti.



The tunnel method can be done in a number of ways, but I prefer a 2 high tunnel with platforms. This is because you can use the tunnel for any number of blocks and just jump through the floor instead of having to run all the way to the other side of the tunnel or break a block to get in.

You simply run along on the bottom row, holding your finger above you as you run to place a long chain of blocks. Then jump up and break them all in a line. This is incredibly useful for solid blocks.

Other Tips

How can I keep myself from accidentally breaking everything I touch?
You can toggle from the Fist to the Wrench by tapping the selected Fist in the hotbar. The Wrench is used to alter properties of things like signs and doors, so the tool won't cause damage. Although this won't disable the straight punch button, it can help prevent accidental breakage from normal tapping.

How do you get clothes?
Clothes can be grown like other items, the initial selection begins fleshing out in tier 5. One can also buy assorted clothing packs from the shop for gems.

Are there chests?
Yes, there are currently chests in the game. However, items do not despawn. So if you have a secure location, you can drop items for storage purposes. Be aware, though, that it's always possible for something to go wrong.

Here's an exmaple of a storage room:


How do I make [insert item here]?!
There are a number of places where you can find recipes. One such place is this wiki page (http://growtopia.wikia.com/wiki/Recipes).

You can also go to my own SEEDIARY world or the ITEMS(outdated) world in-game for more visual representations.

How do I use a door as a block in my wall?
That's actually a House Entrance block which can be made by combining a Dungeon Door seed and a Door seed. Portcullis, made from a Dungeon Door and Death Spikes provides the same function with a different aesthetic. These items, unlike actual doors, cannot link to other doors and worlds. They simply allow players to walk through them.

Like doors, they can be locked by un-ticking the public access option when in a locked zone.

How can I see if someone is online?
Using the /msg function allows you to check the online status of a user as well as send them private messages. Simply using the command "/msg USERNAME" lets you see if they are online. Adding a space followed by a message after the name allows you to send them a PM, Also there is a friends list that has all of your friends and says if there are online or not.

Want more help and info?! Here are some guides on outside websites created by users:

Ultimate Growtopia Guide (http://theultimategrowtopiaguide.weebly.com) by INightmareI

Ultimate Grow Guide (http://ultimategrowguide.weebly.com) by NinjaDOOM

Growtopia Guide (http://cade83growtopia.wix.com/guide) by Cade83

Growtopia Newbie FAQ (http://www.rtsoft.com/forums/showthread.php?17138-Growtopia-Newbie-FAQ) by Devinidiot

Farming Guide (http://www.rtsoft.com/forums/showthread.php?17812-Farming-Guide) by Devinidiot

Tip to earn gems (http://www.rtsoft.com/forums/showthread.php?17496-Some-tips-in-earning-gems&p=103311&viewfull=1#post103311) by Karl0331

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Welcome to the forums! :hat:

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Hello my name is Tyler, but in the Growtopia world they call me 'Zeuza'. I'm looking for any experienced players to give me any tips. As always thanks!


Hello! I have a nice guide that can get you into this game and all the un needed complicated stuff. I mean who asked for Card Battles! They're cool now but still...
http://www.rtsoft.com/forums/showthread.php?147358-Growtopian-s-Guide-for-Everything (http://www.rtsoft.com/forums/showthread.php?147358-Growtopian-s-Guide-for-Everything]Guide for Nearly Everything)
So you can now bum-I mean show your support to my guide... Yah...
Use it or die.