View Full Version : My opinion on casinos

07-08-2015, 03:15 PM
I just wanted to talk about casinos.

Ok first off, im glad casinos are illegal now. Casinos were polluting Growtopia. As Hamumu said, they were making people sad, and games are meant to entertain. So many people were quitting because of these casinos.

Why i hate casinos

I LOATHE casinos. Ive only played a few times and ive NEVER one. Lost maybe 50-60 wls, not too bad. But a huge waste. I bought admin at the world LBICASINO (abandoned now) for 20 wls, and the owner was like "you scam i no get wls!!" And banned me.. So ive lost basically 70-80 wls from these stupid, unnceccesary casinos. FROM THIS POINT THE WIKI DELETED LIKE 7 PARAGRAPHS -.- im not redoing that...

Casinos were a bad thing because all our wls go to casino owners and admins, souring the economy. You might say, "How do they go to admins if they only pay big bucks for access" Ill explain.

How casino owners get their wls:
-Admin payment

How admins get their wls:
Admin is 50 dls. They pay. Max bet is 15 dls and tax is 10%. Thats 1 dl per every bet over 10 dls. Overtime, the admins will have more dls then they originally started with. Sneaky right? Ill add more in the future, and by future i mean later today. Thanks for reading my opinion.