View Full Version : Growtopia Guide To Richness

07-09-2015, 01:58 PM
Hello Fellow Growtopians!Today,I am going to teach you how to get rich.Please sit back and relax while I explain.Shall we start?Ok,First of all the hatest thing to do in Growtopia....FARM!I'm sorry I'm saying this because I think 95% of all Growtopians know this.Second,you can be in the buy and sell business.What is buy and sell you ask?Well,This is how you "buy and sell" You need to buy an item for cheap then sell it for more.Don't get it well here's an example:I bought angel wings for 45wls...Then,sold it for 59wls.You have to make sure that the item you bought is easy to sell and rising.Here's how you find out if it is rising.First of all check the internet.If you can't find an accurate answer...then find out if it will be needed for anything.Like,angel wings will be needed to make Devil Wings in Growganoth.So more people will be needing it.Next,MASS PRODUCING.Mass producing is when you make TONS of a comepletely easy to sell item.Example:House Entrances,Dragon Gates and chandelier.You will have to start from the bottom like you need to create windows to make dungeon doors to make house entrances.Ok Those are my ways.I'm sorry that this is very long.I just wanted to help.I hope this helps all you Growtopians!This is the end,Bye!