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Isaias Gomez
07-10-2015, 04:13 AM
Ok I'm new to this..... But can anyone tell me how I can be a moderator meaning (I know that I need to help but what do i do to help !!!!):scratch:

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If anyone needs me to help you in growtopia.... Go to my world thuks

07-10-2015, 04:15 AM
Well first you have to be helpful around the forums and ingame,although if you only joined to become s mod that's not really the best reason to.
You also have to be active and speak decent English.
And you can't be a tryharder either.

07-10-2015, 04:16 AM
This thread lowered your chance,
Read this: http://www.growtopiagame.com/support.php?q=10

Isaias Gomez
07-10-2015, 04:21 AM
Well no i didnt join to just become a mod, my chances are low.... I just like helping people that are new to the game and showing them how to get rich fast and the smart way... And excuse my key Board it sucks x

07-10-2015, 04:53 AM
Just help people... As in when people ask you stuff answer nicely and when people bash you don't bash at em back. Also don't start threads like this or don't mention how desperate you are to be a mod just do good mkk?