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07-18-2013, 06:38 PM
Hey guys, so I thought I could make this thread where I list all the possible ways of scamming (that I know of.) And then you would post other ways to scam, So the point of this thread is to show a bunch of ways to scam, then some newbies come along and say, "Oh now I know if someone does this to me I would say no and walk away!" So that will reduce all the scams going on with newbies lately.
List of scamming ways:
the drop game: This is probably the most known, and stupidest way to scam. Where you drop all your rares then you get a prize, seriously it's really dumb......

drop trade: This is the old way of trading, and this was a very risky way of trading, so if anyone EVER puts you in a box and the owner starts dropping stuff and tells you to drop something for it, then you know it's a drop trade and say, no and exit the world.

pay for acsess thing: This is a terrible way to scam, because nobody would ever give you acsess to their world unless they know you in reality, so if someone tells you to pay for acsess, just leave the world, because you know it's a scam.

clear world for prize thing:This is a way to make you do work, then get nothing for it...... So if someone says clear this world for prize, and you do it, you will get NOTHING exept for a ban instead...........

the special item scam thing: Well I think this is a very dumb way of scamming because people say, "Hey, @Hamumu gave me this dirt so give me RARES." Ok probably ALL the time it's a scam because, do you really trust a random person? And even if it IS from @Hamumu, it's still plain old dirt, so theres no point of giving all your rares for the most common, cheap thing.......

pay for VIP thing: Not ALL the time it's a scam, but sometimes it is, so it's your own choice if you do this or not because, sometimes it's a scam, sometimes it's not a scam, so it's your choice.

So those are the basic scamming ways, but I know there are like hundreds of ways to scam, but I won't put ALL of them in post:sweatdrop: S please list other ways to scam on the comments, thanks!:)

07-18-2013, 07:56 PM
Nice Thread, but why it in RTsoft Tavern?

So if someone says clear this world for prize, and you do it, you will get NOTHING exept for a ban instead...

- It's not true. Many people give prizes, when someone really clear the world, so work hard.
When I need to clear all world, I usually broadcast, then people come and help me.
Soon, I'll give prizes for everyone (Not so expensive prizes).

Maybe some people don't give prizes, but not all.

Also, there is a word - conscience.