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07-15-2015, 12:00 AM

Welcome to the Weekly Gaming Competitions thread. Here, I will update the original post with a new game each week. The games will always be free to play with minimum download requirements (mainly browser based). The winner each week will receive one point next to their name on the leader board. In order to qualify to be a winner you must post a screenshot of your score, preferably with your name somewhere in it. You may updated your screenshot and score at anytime throughout the week. Those caught cheating will be permanently disqualified from all future rounds.

Current round: GrowDrop (http://www.tankedgame.com/gdrop/)
Try using a name, if at ll possible, that I can easily identify as yourself.
The current round will end 7/20/15

Prizes: choose next weeks game

Round history:
1. GrowDrop