View Full Version : Sell my world cus of its name! (NOT SCAM)

07-21-2015, 10:49 AM
Hey Guys, I changed my username to Sethyvoid20, (Can someone teach me how to change my forum name to Sethyvoid20 :) Or is it not possible?
:( ) I am currently trying to sell my world. It is not cleared yet but my friend told me it has a good name. I am wondering if its possible for me to
sell the world for 4 dls or more as my friend told me that the name is rare and good. The name of the world is "Legendfactory". Hope someone buys it soon! :) Maybe 4 dls or more because its rare ;). :hat: Bye!

07-21-2015, 10:52 AM
You can't,you have to make a new account :/
And the world if it's untouched,is about 3-5 world locks :p