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07-23-2015, 12:36 AM
I've noticed this trend for quite a while now, hence, as long as I've been here actually.

That, People tempt to call helpful people Mini Mods.
Let me find the definition for you.


A normal forum poster that takes it upon themselves to push forum rules and tell everybody how to conduct themselves instead of leaving it up to the mods. Typically reserved for people that don't know what they're talking about, act like they have some kind of authority, and/or are obviously doing what they're doing to try to score points with the real mods and become moderators themselves. (especially if it becomes a regular thing for them and/or they don't contribute much good to the community otherwise)

So, based on that, A mini mod should be a person you see commonly creating a thread about a topic that has been talked about a lot of times (for Growtopia, let's say "How to avoid Drop Games" and for this part of the forum.. "How to post threads"). Also, their information is usually lacking or they don't know how to exactly explain themselves.

The truth is, People call any kind of help Mini Moderating these days and I don't really tolerate that.
Recently, we has this drama about a guy named Help Bot that had a great knowledge about almost any topic and wasn't afraid to show it. The feedback he got was, astonishing. In fact, It "infuriated" some people that much, they decided to create threads of their own with the sole purpose to bash him.
It was nice to see forumers stand up for once, in his protection.

It might be scaring people away from creating threads or posting helpful replies even. You may have good knowledge of some subject but does it really matter when the community will bash you for your knowledge.

But that made me thinking, why does it even exist. Why has it come such a long way and most importantly, Why does it target the people that don't need to be targeted.

These are just some thoughts I couldn't get out of my head, Feel free to reply with your opinions.
Also excuse my errors, Wrote this late at night :)

07-23-2015, 01:43 AM
We pretty much as a one community have a lack of respect between each other's, not everyone but the majority.

I've seen so many forumers being totally ridiculous to the new forums nor the players that's puts a hard effort to help others, we can be more civil, more social, more friendly, more mature, more helpful, then you'll see how the community will be.

If anyone tries to bring you down, don't give him the power to, which is by reacting to his actions ; we have the power to be or not to be.