View Full Version : How To: Kappa

07-29-2015, 10:37 AM
This is a global message from Twitch. We are having issues with the Kappa emote. Everyone please type Kappa into your chat to make sure it works.

1. Prepare: WARNING: Skipping this can cause several injuries, and in some cases, death. First, you are going to build a hideout. In that hideout, you are going to gather food, water and a weapon of some sort, as you may have to stay in the hideout/bunker for a long time.
2. Wait for the perfect moment: A perfect moment is when someone makes a really bad joke, or does somekind of mischief. But, you can also create such a moment yourself by making a sarcasm joke.
3. Type Kappa into chat.
4. Realize that chat is in sub-mode.
5. ???
6. Subscribe to the streamer.
7. Wait until you are shouted out by the streamer.
8. Type Kappa into chat.
9. See the emoticon pop up. Now, quickly! Get in the hideout!
10. Wait a few seconds.
11. Look at the Kappa army rise in Twitch chat.
12. Realize what you've done.
13. ???
14. Profit?!