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07-25-2013, 08:04 PM
Hello Growtopians!
Ever wished to make your very own Youtube channel, but you're absolutely stumped on how you could possible male one? Well, I'm here to help!

** Note : ** iOS only, sorry!

In order to have a organized Youtube Channel, you'll need the following:

~ A Youtube Account ~
Try to be creative with your username!

~ A Screen Recorder ~
You'll need a good-working screen recorder in order to record your Growtopia Gameplay. Don't have one? Keep reading for a application that is FREE, and doesn't require jail breaking your device.

~ A Nice Video-Editor ~
Keep reading to find 2 great applications that can be easily used on your device.

~ What do I do? ~
1. Make a Youtube Account.

2. Go to Settings. Change the time to before July 16, 2013 (You'll find out later why, but you MUST do this step).

3. Go to this website: http://emu4ios.weebly.com/downloads.html
4. Scroll down until you see this image, and press the blue "Install" button.


5. Wait for the application to install.

6. Open the app. Toy around with it for awhile, and get used to it. It's very easy to use.
- Note: Just simply press "Record" and exit the app. Do whatever you want, then when you're done, press the "Record" button again. Your video should save, and you will see your video in the "Recordings" section. -

7. If the app is not opening (skip this step if it is), the reason it isn't is because your date is not set before July 16, 2013. Apparently, Apple has denied this application. It only works before July 16, 2013. But, when you are not recording, feel free to change the date back to it's correct time. Be sure to change it back when you are recording, though.

8. It's now time to get a nice video editor. You always have that awfully awkward moment when going to the home screen, and opening Growtopia. Get a easy video-editor from the App Store to crop out that scene.

~ 3 Video-Editing Apps ~

Game Your Video

Rated In the App Store: 4 1/2 Stars
Price: FREE!
#1 Choice! GameYourVideo is the most useful, fun video-editing app. It takes a day or so to actually find your way around the app, because of so many of it's awesome features! I suggest first toying around with it, by pressing "LIVE!". That way you can you around with the features it offers to you. Also, swipe left and right to find out even more AWESOME features!


~ What will I do in Live mode? ~
Play with your own face, stuffed animal, or just one of your siblings with some of these features:

Add Text (For a small fee)

There are at least 20-30 more features. Check out the app yourself!

~ Can't do Live Mode? ~
Is it too dark? Are you too lazy? Fine, upload a video of your own that you randomly have on your phone. What? There's even MORE features than LIVE! mode!? Yep. That's right. More features, more fun!

~ Wait, Wait, There's More? ~
(That totally sounded like an info-commercial!) More features! Swipe left & right and you will find:

Cut- To remove unwanted clips. Good of you're creating a movie, and you don't want to see the scene where you are typing the dialog.
Join- To join multiple videos. If you took two separate videos, and you want one to go after the other, this feature is extra useful!
Reverse- Reverse your videos to make the most funky, weird videos! (Ex. Harvesting a tree will look like your Growtopian walking backwards, dropping multiple items, and suddenly, a tree appears!)
Split Screen- Split Screen is a unique feature. Put two videos side-by-side, to compare something, or just for absolute fun!

Video Shop

Rated in the App Store:
Price: $1.99
This is my second choice. If you're not into complicated video-editing apps, pick up this easy-to-use app. It has simply 6 buttons.


~ What can you do? ~

Change Your Landscape
Choose Transitions
Adjust Speed
Trim Video
Add Music
Add Sound Effects
Add Your Voice

That's all, Folks! Have fun editing & making your very own videos!

07-25-2013, 08:21 PM
Also you won't become "famous" by making vids on the same game. Such as your channel won't get many views doing minecraft.

07-25-2013, 10:06 PM
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