View Full Version : I just Dreaming if I meet a Rtsoft forumers In real life.

08-03-2015, 01:49 PM
I never taught that Forum are help me change my life from Bad grammar turn a Good grammar.
i really wish someday i can meet you guys/girl from The usa,The Uk and much more.

If i met forumers is feel better, we can change ideas, and have fun and loads more.
I wish i can meet all you guys
You are awesome! You are best forumers that teach me when I don't know anything till know the right thing.

I hope i can be a good grammar
and I will post positive every weekends, Keep reading :D

If someday I meet you.
what did you feel?
If you meet internet friend , how it feel?
Did you really wish Meet forumers friends in real life?

Thanks for reading, i really wish meet you guys!

Keep reach your dream guys! I wish i meet you :D