View Full Version : What are the requierments for a profile picture?

08-03-2015, 11:49 PM
I'm trying to upload one, but it says "File upload failed."

Are there any specific requirements for a profile picture? If so, what are they?

Keenan wood
08-03-2015, 11:52 PM
It has to be the right size, I think the maximum size is 64.0 KB

08-03-2015, 11:55 PM
it says this "NOTE: the maximum size of your custom image is 100 by 100 pixels or 64.0 KB (whichever is smaller)"
So try cropping the photo.

Keenan wood
08-03-2015, 11:58 PM
You can resize your photo here http://www.shrinkpictures.com/create-avatar/

08-04-2015, 12:24 AM
It's 45x100 and is 873 bytes.