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08-04-2015, 04:48 PM
From the exciting series, Death Battle by ScrewAttack, I am here to announce Grow Battle, we will be analyzing the stats, moves and weapons to determine who will win a Grow Battle.

NOTE: I do not own Death Battle in anyway, this is not a real battle where people fight in an arena. Anyone who says it is are wrong. This is just an entertainment skit.

Our two competitors, Shikaru and TK69, are very fierce and can make you cry to the bone. But which one will win, a Grow Battle?!?

It is now my job to fix your questionable questions and settle this once and for all.


Shikaru is the drama queen of the RTSoft forums. She will make you cry and also has a very good farm.

No one has ever seen her PVP before. Well probably... But she will now be competiting in this deadly battle. Now let us tell you about her stats. She is very good melee character with a brawn sword by her side. One touch of her deadly blade can cut your finger nail right off. Though her blade is very heavy her special move, Rant Thread makes her very fast, passing off every contradiction TK throws at her. If TK can hopefully parry her special move or it is game over for her...


TK69 is very mature and can hurt you with only the slightest of sentences.

He is very good with a bow. It is named as the "Heartbreaker Sniper" it has unlimited arrows and has a chance to confuse the enemy. His special move is named Sense of TK and makes his arrows turn into hands that are guaranteed to slap sense into ya, which hurts alot. Hopefully Shikaru can get away from the the slaps or he will have enough time to shoot enough arrows for Shikaru will unfortunately bleed to death. And that's pretty scary.

Now, let's do this. What all of you have been waiting for!

TK69 : HEY! Shikaru! Are you gonna get ready for a beatdown?!

Shikaru : Are you sure about that!? Let's do this, unfortunately you're gonna leave in defeat...

TK69 : Heh, sure...

Shikaru deals a Deep Gash on Stomach to TK69 for 9.0.
TK69 deals a Arrow in Forearm to Shikaru for 5.5.
Shikaru deals a Shallow Cut on Right Hip to TK69 for 3.5.
TK69 deals a Shallow Cut on Left Thigh to Shikaru for 3.5.
Shikaru deals a Severed Right Hand at Wrist to TK69 for 9.0.
TK69 deals a Shallow Cut on Left Thigh to Shikaru for 3.5.
Shikaru deals a Shallow Cut on Left Bicep to TK69 for 3.5.
TK69 deals a Miss to Shikaru for 0.0.
Shikaru deals a Shallow Cut on Neck to TK69 for 4.0.
TK69 deals a Miss to Shikaru for 0.0.

Shikaru : HUH? WAIT, YOU HAVE ENOUGH POWER?!? I better time this right then!

Shikaru deals a Deep Gash on Left Calf to TK69 for 8.0.
TK69 deals a slap on Right Cheek to Shikaru for 3.5.


TK69 deals a Arrow Deep in Neck to Shikaru for 40.

Shikaru has died!
TK69's damage: 40.5

Yes, you might be suprised but Shikaru was way to slow to parry the slap, leading him to lose on the final blow when TK69 shot him for 40 damage. He was missing too much but got enough power to defeat him.

Looks like the battle against TK and Shikaru is done now.

Goodbye everyone.. Have a good night. See ya next week. A goodbye.

Duyen Tran
08-04-2015, 04:52 PM
Nice Ya got their.

08-04-2015, 04:54 PM
I have been watching Death Battle since it started. I'v seen all the episodes and they just keep getting better and better! This is just what I needed, thanks for this!

08-04-2015, 05:00 PM
Thank you for your feedback. I am thinking of making this a weekly thing. I originally wanted to make this a world in Growtopia but I guess it would be harder to get people seeing it so I just posted it as a forum post.

08-04-2015, 05:28 PM
Wow op .

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Bump. And so op much.