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08-09-2015, 07:07 AM
~ Cyberbullying on GROWTOPIA ~

There is no rule about this on Growtopia, but Seth, please make it inside the News.
These are the reasons why we need to stop cyberbullying:

1. Cyberbullying can lead to suicidal thought.
2. Cyberbullying is mean to the community and all around us.
3. Cyberbullying can lead to crying, making drama, and more.

There is no stop of cyberbullying if we can't stop it. We the community make this happen, we need to stop it.


Inappropriate language should have a barrier of 3 swears per day (I know it sounds bad, but their swearing and cussing everyday) Once you said a bad word, it will use up one point. In the total of 3 points, if you do more than 3, you will be duct taped.

This act is more safer to have no more bad words implemented into 12 year old brains.

One more thing. When you type in the world name "SEX" it will take you to Disneyland. The word "SEX" should be filtered also, since the players in LOVE, LOVEDATING, DATING are abusing the words "SEX" and or "GAY and LESBIAN"

~ Newbie Guides ~

There's a lot of newbies out there in looking for a guide. A lot of forumers here made guides for newbies but it didn't quite seem to be implemented in the game. Please, let us inform you, Sethmumu, to implement this on the game, since we get 1,000 newbies each year (quite)



These are selected and made by me.

1. Notebook (spliced with Pencil and Space Connector seed): When you write on this, you won't forget a thing!
What's good about the Notebook? It will tell you what things you need for massing, splicing, and more, there is no more hassle!

2. Moon Blast 9OOO (costs 15,OOO gems in-store): Activate it and you will get a fully generated world.. um.. MOON!
What's good about the Moon Blast 9OOO? It contains more elements than your average world, when you enter it, you will see a Growtopia world.
1. Dirt will be Moon Soil
2. Cave background will be Moon rock background
3. Rock will be Moon rock
4. Lava will be Venomous Acid (not spliced with acid, rarity 1)
5. It will contain a Country flag, the country flag will set your country / state that you have on your Growtopian and will be implemented inside the flag.


3. Growtoputer 2000 (made with Flat screen TV and Wooden table seed): When you turn it on, it will put the Growtopia intro song. When you turn it off, there's nothing.

Well, that's all I can do for now, guys. I will make sure Growtopia is back on :sweatdrop:

08-09-2015, 07:35 AM
Seriously. we need to bump this thread.

Bruce Wayne
08-09-2015, 07:37 AM
Bullying is in the games rules.

08-09-2015, 07:44 AM
Wrong sub forum
You should put it in "growtopia suggestions and ideas"
Btw nice idea man :)

08-09-2015, 08:10 AM
Bullying is in the games rules.butt do day read it smart shirt?

08-09-2015, 08:13 AM
Nice idea!! But i think. Growputer 2000 is useless

08-09-2015, 08:19 AM
Um.. You do realize that... GHX Speaker is basically the same thing as Growtoputer..?

So no to Growtoputer.