View Full Version : Have you encountered a ghost before? Tell us YOUR story!

08-09-2015, 10:12 AM
So, yeah. I've did.

The most recent one is last week, August 3. I was in the school I teach. The normal time I go home is usually 6:00, but since I took overtime to teach Nighttime College students, I was still at school until 12:00. So, yeah. It was 10:30, and I was in my office. It was definitely dark outside my office, and I am definitely scared of the dark. So, I called Mel, my girlfriend, for company. At 11:03, I noticed that there were some quarreling sounds outside my office. Even Mel heard it.

So, we checked out what was causing that sound. When we were at the door we saw nothing, and the sound went off. Mel even used a flashlight to check. However, still nothing. By 11:12, we heard it again. But this time, it sounds like the voices got deeper. That made the two of us worried. We called two of our guards, and my PSG to check. When they check, nobody was REALLY there. We got freaked out, then I asked the security to check the Security Cameras to are if someone is fooling around with me and Mel. When we check at my given time, it only showed my office's light, going on and off. It was so confusing because me and Mel were in that office when we heard the sounds.

So, we got back to the office, me, Mel the guards and my PSG. Only to see the lights turned off. Even though we left it open. So we checked the security cameras again, only this time, revealing a woman in a blue gown going THROUGH the walls and the lights turning on and off, then eventually, killing our security cameras. I asked for a priest and for my office to be moved. Since then, I can NEVER go inside my office without my girlfriend near me.